Monthly Archives: July 2007

Embrace the joy!!!!!

Today, this is my ode to joy. I can’t guarantee that I won’t break into song as I write it, but it is not THAT kind of “Ode to Joy”. It is my tribute to that feeling of pure being, pure love and connection and beauty, that I would call JOY.

I have been contemplating many, many things today. My reuniting with my love, a new job on the horizon, moving back into our home that we shared for years. And, most recently, facing some health issues that could be serious. Yet, my word and thought and feeling for today is JOY!

You see, no matter what challenge I face, no matter how dire it appears, no matter how frightened I may be, I feel pure joy and presence in my life as it is. I am grateful, humble, overwhelmed, connected, and loved. I am so appreciative of all of the gifts in my life, in the forms of humans, animals, nature, feelings, intellect, and spirit. I feel like my soul is constantly alive with the introduction of new and exciting experiences. I trust that no matter what I will face in this life, I will be strong and supported enough to endure it, to survive it, to handle it, to embrace and savor it. JOY.

There are, of course, moments of my life that I recollect in my memory that are more joyful than others, by far. The birth of our daughter. The recent marriage of my sister. My college graduation. Falling in love with Jamie. However, they may be the highlights, but are by far not the only moments of joy in my life. Life, to me, is one, eternal, joyful ride.

I read on a friend’s blog today, about drinking champagne punch, any ol’ time. Not drinking champagne just for those extra special moments, not waiting until a formal occasion to dress up, to dance, to celebrate. The joy of our lives is NOW, HERE, TODAY. Please, please, I say to all of you, JUMP ON AND DON’T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!