The Whisper of your heart.

Have any of us ever had the experience of someone whispering in our ear, cupping his or her hand so that the message is only heard by you? Maybe giggling or even stumbling over what they want to say? Do you recall, if this has been your experience, how you need to really tune in as the listener, to be able to be fully attentive to what is being said? And, even sometimes, the whisperer has to repeat what he or she is saying, so that you make sure that you heard it correctly?

I know I have had this experience, most recently, the whisper of a child, usually my child, in my ear. The warm breath, the spit that hits the earlobe as she tries so hard to be quiet about it, the need for her to repeat it.

So it is with our heart, our true heart. Our heart whispers to us also. If we are busy living in our heads, filled with the lists of musts, and shoulds, and wishes, and mandates, then we never hear it, well, almost never. Living in our heads I guess, on most days, is a necessity of life at times. We need to take care of business, we need to work, we need to walk the dog, we need to pay the bills and rake the yard. But our heart patiently waits, and it is always talking to us.

At times, when our heart speaks to us, it sounds like a barely audible whisper. Again, that is if we are tuned in and listening. Because our heart doesn’t always show itself mightily in order to be heard; we have to be the active listener for it to be heard. That whisper may be so quiet, that we need to strain to hear it. We need to stop, stop, stop what it is we are filling our moments with automatically, and really, REALLY listen…….. what did you hear it say?

Other times, the heart, when we are tuned in to it mind you, is pounding at us loudly, consistently, waiting for us to become aware and respond. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like being shouted at, to me this means I really haven’t been listening. But, our heart voice has to do something to get our attention.

When I am really tuned in, tuned in to my heart voice, that whisper of a whisper, I feel so much more calm, so much more at ease, so much in better balance, a total part of my world around me. I feel like I can accomplish anything, that my dreams really can come true, that there can be a peaceful world, and that everything, no matter what the circumstances, is going to turn out just fine.

What is your heart voice saying to you? Remember, it is saying SOMETHING. What do you need to change in your life in order to attend to it, to really listen to what it has to say? Is it a barely audible whisper, or is it screaming to get your attention?

For every moment, every situation, every opportunity that you let slide by, that you do not listen to the whisper of your heart, you are missing a priceless opportunity to open the doors to everything you have ever wanted and dreamed. You are missing the opportunity to tune into your soul, and to feel complete.

Don’t miss a day of completeness. Listen today. JUST DO IT…….

And, let me know what it says if you like!


3 thoughts on “The Whisper of your heart.

  1. I didn’t always listen to my soul or heart as you call it, getting caught up in the rat race does that to you. A chaotic soul is a troubled one and by that you are not being true to yourself, you stumble and fall ending up unhappy because you didn’t pause to listen. Love this post, was a good reminder for me to slow down and listen! Aud

  2. I try to remind myself every day, but starting of very present and mindful; I read affirmations in the morning to set the tone, walk the dog and appreciate the silence of the country, and the roar of the sunrise…… it helps to start the day with some balance. Always remember where you can come back to on the days you need reminding……V.

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