The presence of arrogance.

I at times believe myself to be arrogant in my manner.

Bear with me here, just for a bit.

It is a strange thought pattern that I seem to go through. I believe myself to be very caring, loving, compassionate, knowledgable about many things.

Not all things.

However, there are times, times when I am encountering a person who I am giving new information to, when my knowledge seems to border on arrogance. At least, that is what I feel like. Even when I am not intending to be arrogant, I think I appear to be that way.

Confidence at times appears like arrogance to me. Why???

Maybe, it is a reflection of my own lack of confidence on some level; because I am not fully confident in the information which I share, I feel like I am giving an air of arrogance as if I “know it all”.

Maybe it is because self-confidence is so misrepresented at times by persons in our culture; to be self-confident is to be self-absorbed, self-righteous, self-serving.

I don’t believe myself to be any of those things. At least, I think I don’t believe it.

What I have come to understand about persons that I have surrounded myself with in the past, is that, it can be very intimidating for someone to be around a person who exudes an air of confidence. The air of feeling very sure of herself, carrying herself in an upright, determined way, setting her sights on horizons that she is interested in.

What could be wrong with that?

As with so many things, things that bug us about other people are those things, or aspects, that we most loathe in ourselves. I find it to be so true of human nature. I am a confident person, so that means that those that have confidence issues, struggle with who I am. So, either they decide they no longer can be around me (although won’t tell me that), or they treat me like total crap.

What a drag…….

And, if I state openly and assertively that I am confident, that I am working hard to achieve my goals, that I willingly go after things that I want, I appear to be bragging to others.

Tell me, isn’t it a good thing if a person feels their own self-worth? Besides serving others, isn’t that what this world is all about? Realizing the gem that we know as our true self??

It is one of those mysteries. One of those human conditions that still needs to be explored.

I am confident. I am on my true path. I feel great about those aspects of my self.

I think!!


4 thoughts on “The presence of arrogance.

  1. This concept is what I call reflection, more often than not it is subconscious and the people staring you in the face griping or leaving don’t even know that it is a problem that they have with themselves.

    I have had this a lot in my life, sometimes it is so visible to us but not them… once we know this we must always remember that when we don’t like someone then perhaps it might be a reflection of our innerselves disappointments in ourselves… figure it out, if its not true then toss it – at least it is another rung off the ladder to enlightenment 😀

    Arrogance by definition is someone who boosts themselves in order to feel better, they are lacking something within them that they need to exaggerate on the outside… often confused with confidence…

    Great post, love the way it made me reflect and think 😀 Auds

  2. Wow, so it really isn’t so far from confidence after all. That makes total sense to me. Because I am so prone to self-examination, I reflect on it, sometimes way more than I need to, but more often as much as I need to in order to figure it out.

    Thanks so much for the thoughts, I really love hearing your input. V.

  3. Vishesh: WELCOME!!! I am so glad to see you visiting here….. I do believe that you are right; confidence can be contagious, and sometimes, others might not want to “catch” that type of “cold”; that makes much sense to me.

    Please, come back and visit often….. Peace, Vanessa

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