Forgive yourself.

What are you waiting for?

Sure, maybe you messed up, maybe you made a wrong choice, maybe you even made a right choice for you, but bad for someone else.

Forgive yourself.

Guilt does nothing but destroy. Whether it is put upon us, or we heap it upon ourselves, it destroys anything and everything good that we formerly believed about ourselves or someone else. Guilt can destroy our self esteem and our relationships with others.

Forgive yourself.

Sometimes, we may put off, or neglect, to forgive ourselves, because to do so, we need to face up to something that we have done, even though what we did was not wrong. However, if you need forgiveness, mustn’t that mean you really screwed up?

Forgive yourself.

It means you are letting yourself off of the hook, for something that you have led yourself to believe was bad or wrong. If it was, apologize and make amends; if it wasn’t, or even if it was, forgive yourself as well.

I have often apologized to others, when it was called for, in a very genuine way. But, the step that I often missed, was apologizing to myself, for condemning, for damning, for shaming myself. I have had to give myself forgiveness. That creates so much damage to our souls, to believe that others are worth of forgiveness, but not ourselves.

Forgive yourself.

The longer you don’t, the longer that you are denying yourself the peace, comfort, and joy of the present day.

Go ahead, do it. Forgive yourself.

And see what joy is in store for you today.


5 thoughts on “Forgive yourself.

  1. Wow what a powerful post, I feel as though it was written to my soul. I always find it easy to forgive others, forgive fully but I always harbour towards myself, often feeling that even though it was them that hurt me it was my fault. How true, we have to embrace ourselves and forgive ourselves fully in order to move forwards. Thank you for this my friend, I feel I needed it today! Hugs

  2. I had a feeling, that as much as I needed to say it out loud to myself, that there are many of us that need to hear this regularly; I am glad it was good timing for you. Please, remember to come back and read it whenever you need, until you do it for real…….peace and hugs, Vanessa

  3. Bravo! Yes, we need to remember this as often as possible. And to breathe through it, again and again. Mhmmm…

  4. So true, Robert; sometimes those steps toward forgiveness are so small, we need to focus on our breath and our presence; I absolutely love it when forgiveness comes more easily to ourselves; and becomes a natural part of the process of self-actualization. It is almost a relief! Peace to you, Vanessa

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