Just because opportunity knocks…..

…….doesn’t mean that we have to answer the door.

Not every opportunity is necessarily our opportunity.

Maybe we are in a tough situation; maybe our relationship is failing, and we meet someone who atttends to us, listens, and seems interested.

Maybe our job has been going poorly, and we hear about a job opportunity that sounds too good to be true. Sure, it isn’t a job we would normally enjoy, but the money is good.

Maybe, we have heard about a new way to invest our money, even though it sounds kind of risky, the return could be incredible.

Sometimes, opportunity knocks.

Sometimes, it is better to not answer the door.

I know that this goes against many things that some of us have been taught. When opportunity knocks, answer. Take a chance. Don’t miss a great opportunity. Invest now, benefit later.

And, there is not doubt that those opportunities will be beneficial to someone.

But, not every opportunity is an opportunity that is the right one for us.

Starting today, when opportunity knocks, instead of responding to the knock immediately, pause for a moment.

Instead, listen intently. Can you hear the grasshopper? Can you hear the sound of your own heartbeat? Sure, they aren’t as loud as a knock or a doorbell, but they hold more firm answers to your future, to your dreams, than any knock on the door.

There are opportunities to be had for each one of us, and reasons why the knock on the door could bring some benefit to our lives. But, only in our hearts can we know for sure if it is the right thing for us or not.

We can’t know fully based on advice from others, no matter how well meaning.

We can’t know fully based on what a great opportunity it appears to be.

We can’t know based on the short term gains.

We can only know by quieting ourselves, listening intently, and getting into step with the beating of our own heart, the calling of our own soul. We need to be listening hard enough and long enough to really know what the answers are for us.

I mean, we can all answer the door when it knocks; we have free will, it is always our choice.

And, no matter what, a lesson will be in store for us.

Are we ready to listen more closely, so that those decisions that we do make, feel more in sync with the rhythm of our lives?

Are you ready to ignore the knocks and listen quietly for the beat?

I dare you…….


2 thoughts on “Just because opportunity knocks…..

  1. Firstly WOW what a beautiful post, this is so true it gently knocks at my proverbial doors! I have actually been told many times that I am just a lunatic for not accepting certain opportunities – I always respond that my gut says no and I go with that.

    The grass is not always greener on the other side, especially if it is against our destiny.

    Beautiful post my friend, lots of hugs A

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