Free flow……..

Sometimes, I feel so stuck and uninspired in terms of ideas about what to write.  I sit, I consider, I ponder what thoughts permeate my head on this day.  I exert pressure to produce; it is never because I have an actual writer’s block, but I put pressure, pressure, on myself, because maybe I haven’t written for a few days, maybe I haven’t read or posted in a bit, so I get a gnawing within that I am overdue.  Then I kind of take a step back, rewind, and come back to my center, my focal point, my soul and connection.  Then, when I do that, when I actually go to my comfort zone without thought or consideration, I feel as if I could write forever.  Inspiration surrounds me; I look outside, I see an idea; I think about a dream, and my mind comes alive with words, concepts, perspectives…..I look at a photo, a family member, smell coffee brewing; and my heart has once again come through for me, because I have given it its due.  I have listened, not because it all of a sudden called me to attention, but I remembered its forever presence and just tuned in.  Funny, my heart and soul are never saying anything different than they have probably since the beginning of time.

Isn’t that true for many of us?  That really, our process of evolution is really not about figuring it out, getting the answers from some outside source, some great new book, some guru that sends us great new information, but is really as simply as listening, as tuning in to what our soul has been preaching to us all along…… could it really be that simple, that all we need to do is listen?  Absolutely. We get so busy in our lives that we stop listening to each other, let alone, ourselves.  But, in the last couple of days, I have been rereading some of my journal entries from the last year or two; I have done it before in years gone past, because I have kept a journal for as long as I have been out on my own.  More often than not, what I write about my inner reflections and realizations are consistent; the words are the same, the feelings and thoughts are the same, even though the circumstances have always been quite different.  Those are just the times that I most often was acutely aware of what my soul was saying.

When I am actually listening and in tune with my soul, I usually hear stuff like this:

Words spill from my mind and heart to the page.  Free flowing entities of ideas, spirit in flight, fantasies and possibilities.  The entire tomorrow is in my hands today.

I really need to listen more, and more, and more.


4 thoughts on “Free flow……..

  1. “Words spill from my mind and heart to the page. Free flowing entities of ideas, spirit in flight, fantasies and possibilities. The entire tomorrow is in my hands today.” WOW

    I agree, it is pointless forcing something out, less pressure and more inspiration. Thanks for this one hun, its beautiful!

  2. It happens to us all sweetie. All of the time. The thing is what you do with that block, that lack of inspiration when it comes. For me, I too look inward. I look to God to provide me what it is I need to share. What I need to share with my own soul as well as for others.

    Great writing gf!

  3. Thank you both, women! You have both been sources of inspiration that the energy for it will come back, that I need to listen and my soul will do the burden of the work; I just need to trust.

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