I have been thinking about what a miracle rain is.  As the clouds rolled in last night, and we waited for the rain to pour down, I thought about how dry our grass was, how our plants needed a good drink, so that our veggies in our garden could grow healthier, so that our flowers would flourish.  Then, it came down, straight rain, not splashing into the house through the windows, but going directly from the sky to the ground, to all of the places where it was most needed.  Taking care of one of nature’s needs.  Caring for Mother Earth.

I thought about the rain, and how it brings such quenching relief to the earth, to all living things.  Rain can make the most dried out items fresh, vital, and like new again.  New, but better.  Stronger.  That which was parched, brown, dried out, becomes green, taller, more flexible.  Rain comes and can nourish the most famished of living things.

Rain, reminds me of good words, answered prayers, the universe speaking to us when we are most craving some relief.  The words come, the answers comes, the universe sends us a message when we are so parched and longing for relief, and sometimes, that relief comes as a deluge of refreshment; falling straight down from the sky, going right where it is needed, drenching our souls with its goodness and nourishment.  Sometimes, it can seem like we have waited for that relief for SO LONG, so long that we aren’t sure that we can survive even one more day in the oppressive heat of our lives.  Yet, we hang on, just a bit longer, bear the bright sun, bear the intense heat, and then, the clouds form, the wind picks up, and the rain comes down.  It comes down, and brings our much needed answers, refreshment, and relief, and then, the sun comes out yet again.  To give what it needs to for us to continue with our growth, learning, and self-actualization.

And, if you look closely, look to the skies, scan the horizon, you just might see a double rainbow appear……..


6 thoughts on “Rain

  1. The best part is the blossoming flower after the rains, being able to sit there and watch it unfold is true beauty to my eyes, heart and soul. I have been that very blossom many times, I love recognising it in others. Phew woman you are on a role, incredible post yet again!!!

  2. We need a nice soft two day rain too. Way to many thunderstorms that wastes the water. It just runs off. Of course there isn’t anything more calming to me than a nice old fashioned thunderstorm.

  3. I agree with you there; the rumbles just go on and on, and the water falls in sheets; especially when it is really dark and the lightning just lights up the entire sky!! However, said dog that sings to train whistles absolutely DESPISES thunderstorms…..

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  4. I agree….. I always imagine that I would love to spend a whole Sunday tucked under the covers, while in rains outside, just cozy and listenting to it hit the roof….. I need to do that soon……

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