A giant eclair and three forks…….

This weekend was my beloved’s birthday.  It is a big milestone birthday this year, although she was not looking forward to it at all.  We had a big surprise party for her a couple of weeks ago, which she absolutely loved, but on her actual birthday, our usual tradition is presents, cake, and a special dinner of some sort.  This year, it was lunch out at a restaurant, presents, and a giant eclair.

Jamie absolutely LOVES chocolate; actually, LOVE is not a strong enough word, she REQUIRES chocolate.  For those of you reading who are chocolate lovers through and through, chocolate is not a treat, it is a necessity; it is actually its own food group I think.  I like the stuff, but can do without it…….for true chocolate addicts, the thoughts of doing without it are unbearable.  For those of you that think I am not serious about this, ask a TRUE chocolate lover, and you will know…..

We have bought chocolate cakes for the birthday occasion, and made them at home also.  However, one of her favorites is the combination of chocolate, pastry, and bavarian cream that is ever present in an eclair.  And, when I say giant eclair, I mean GIANT eclair, like I am talking three pounds or more.    And, they are very hard to cut, so we improvised a bit.

We pulled up three chairs to the table, and each came with our fork and a position around the plate.  And dug in.  No worries of germs or spit or splatter.  It was about so many things that day; our love back on the right track; our family connected by a kitchen table; sharing; connecting; LOVING.  You see, the planning for the party, for her birthday, for the treats, for the gifts, was and is all about the love that we all share.  We have days when we need space from one another; we look forward to quiet time when we can steal it; we each have our own loves and interests and pursuits; but, when it comes down to it, when we are at the end of our day, when we want to share something with those that matter the most, it is about our love and connection, that which brings us back to our home every night, together……..

The following night, we sat ’round that table with three new forks again, because we had more of the treat to savor.  And it tasted just as good, just as sweet, just as lovely.  Later that evening, we lost our beloved pet guinea pig, who was just too weak to live on, who was ready to pass to Heaven.  That night, long after the crumbs of the eclair had been consumed, we all laid on our bed, together us three, and held each other and cried and comforted one another.  We loved one another, were there for one another.  Supported and cared for one another.

So, whether it is three forks, three places on the bed, three sets of tears or laughs, we are there for each other, we embrace the joy, and pain, of each individual moment that we are so privileged to have together.

Thank God for our family……..


6 thoughts on “A giant eclair and three forks…….

  1. MMmMmM chocolate my favorite. It reminds me yesterday I went to target and bought a big bag of doves,kit kats,a mix bag, I think I grabbed every chocolate that was in my reach.Yeah I think I’m a chocolate junkie. Happy birthday to your beloved one! Keep looking forward to more of those moments together. that’s what life is about.

  2. … and thank God that the world has such a family as yours. It gives me such warmth inside, such hope, knowing that a nucleus like yours exists. I can’t quantify it into words. Dang I am like a leaking tap today!

    This is beautiful, I love the symbology, very Celtic as well. Ah I see the second book title already… don’t you?

    … and yes chocolate has its own food group, right next to health.. hey I lost 5kg on a 2 week chocolate only diet *shrug*

  3. Such a beautiful family you have! The core bond of any family is love; that you have very much of. Acually, I’m quite envious of you today; but I must realize my many blessings – Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us it was quite refreshing, with an hint of chocolate. PLL, CordieB.

  4. SF: Thank you for that. Please, keep that hope, it is possible, and I count my blessings every single day. It keeps me in good balance. This is DEFINITELY a good title for the next tome, by the time I am done planning I will have a dozen!!! Thank you for all of your support, you. ANd, I plan on telling Jamie about your success on the chocolate diet; it will give her hope!! HUGS!

  5. Cordie: Do you like the new format? I think it works a lot better, no comments get cut off, and easier to read…… thank you so much for your kind words. My family is a treasure to me, and our daughter has been growing into such a phenomenal human being, because we are authentic with her, and feelings matter……… time together cannot be overemphasized……. and, I think chocolate goes with everything, don’t you?? hugs to you, Vanessa

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