What inspires me?

I have been thinking about my answer(s) to this meme question for days now…….. thinking, thinking, and thinking, which should come as no surprise to those that know me.  So, I have made a list, although exhaustive, I am sure by no means complete.  So, here it is….

*Children:  From newborn babies to grown ups who are children, the wonder, the awe, the discovery, and the beautiful innocence of children inspires me, and reminds me that God does really exist.

*Nature:  Birds, bees, trees, rocks, ocean, river, woods, every bit and part of it.  From the tiny pinecone that I find in my yard, to the mighty bears that I know wander our woods, to the new baby bunnies that are born every year, and the leaves that we pick up in the fall to admire their vibrant colors.  Nature, in all of its splendor, inspires me to remember what I am REALLY connected to:  the earth.

*Feelings and emotions:  I am such a FEELING person; it is what I do first when meeting someone; I FEEL them and their energy.  I am not able to just meet someone, and have it be a surface experience.  Of course, it doesn’t mean that the feeling is always positive, but it is like seeking and connecting with a soul; really trying to be where that person is at; having a compassion and connection to another’s reality.  I cry easily, and I let the tears be my guide as to what I need to process or focus on; I allow myself that free expression and it hardly ever steers me wrong.

*LOVE:  This one is a biggie for me.  I love to express love; love to feel love; love to remember on a daily basis that above all else, Love is what we are all about, it is why we are here, it is why Jesus was on this earth, it is why we have the will to go on.

*Faith:  I can walk into a house of worship, or sit by the sea, and realize how mighty and grand God really is.  In those moments, I can feel His presence the strongest, in those parts of connection to my spiritual self where His presence just cannot be missed.  I have such a strong faith that EVERYTHING that happens to me and those I love is for a reason, a reason I may not always understand initially, but one that always comes to be known.

*Family:  My immediate family, my family of choice, my extended family and my in laws, as well as those that have come to mean the same to me as “family” that I have met over the years.  My family members inspire me in so many diverse ways, in their ability to persevere, to cope, and to be there for one another. 

In a nutshell, I would have to say that what inspires me is LIFE.  Each moment, each breath, each grain of life that we savor and experience, whether joy or sorrow, is an inspiration to me.  When I really stop to think about the fact that I stand here, I exist, I breathe, and there is only a breath that separates me from here, and death, I am in total awe of the vastness of that.  And, I become inspired, and humbled and moved. 

We are just so lucky to be here…. and moreso, to be here TOGETHER…….


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