The snake pit…….

Two of my cyber friends, Amber and Sanityfound, have both written in the last few days about the snakes in our lives, how to deal with them, and how to not cater to them by speaking their language, in parsal tongue, in other words.  Well, now it is my turn, because I have certainly had a snake-filled week.

The snakes that I encountered this week were not your ordinary snakes.  Not ones that I consciously know better than to go around without being on guard.  These were snakes that had only recently come to my attention, snakes in lizard’s clothing.  They were, at one time directly previous to this week, friends that I had relied upon, that were fairly consistent, and a positive part of my life.  Most of the time anyway.  I am still figuring out if I was the one viewing them as other than what they are, more than their presentation.  Still sorting that one out. 

What I have come to figure out, in going over it and over it in my mind this week, is that I have grown when it comes to how I respond to difficult situations with friends, or others that I care deeply about.  In the past, not so far away past, I would react, very emotionally, when having to confront, or be confronted by, a difficult situation with a loved one.  I would become defensive, high strung, loud, and usually tears would flow.  Because what the person would have to say to me would usually be something significant and emotional, I would react in that way.  No more of that, however.

This week, I was confronted with two situations that were extremely emotional, and somewhat unexpected.  I was confronted by two snakes whom I had gotten too comfortable with; whom I trusted enough to turn my back on.  Both tried to strike, but neither one was able to bite.  I was ready, ready for the strike, or the possible strike.  Ready in the sense that I did not fall down helpless and expect to be bitten.  Does that make sense?  I was able to be calm, rational, and thoughtful in my response, which helped me in the respect that I did not react; I did not stir fear in the other by my immediate response.  I did not agitate myself; I took my time and replied in a way that made sense to my heart.

I had made a vow to myself, many months ago as I actively pursued being peaceful, and present, and in the moment, that I would not react, I would not just say, I would make sure that I was clear in my intent and my words.  I am through being dragged into, or maybe more accurately, jumping into the snake pit with the vipers, rattlesnakes, and cobras that are in there.  Jumping into the snake pit means stooping to the level that they operate on; dishonesty, manipulation, and attacking when a person is vulnerable.  I have done that in the past, and I have been inclined in the past to react in that way.  But it means that I am resorting to the same tactics that they use. 

I want to be more human than that, more respectful and understanding and compassionate than that.  There are many that say they want to be that way, want to not be the snake, but then are anyway.  People that allow anger and resentment that is built up within to release with a vengeance when they feel justified; that allow anger and resentment to blind them to the truth of the world and their own souls.  They resort to the snake pit, and I have gone right down in there with them.  But no more……..


I am beyond the pit.  I don’t suit any needs or serve any purpose by being in there with those that cannot find their way.  I have crawled out of the pit to never go there again.  I deserve better than that.  And others deserve better than that whether they realize it or not.


Don’t sell yourself short, and enter the snake pit just because it feels like release and entitlement; it takes you down a road that ends up selling part of yourself to do it.  Walk the higher road and walk away from the snake, with peace in your heart and soul.


You will be the better person for it…..


6 thoughts on “The snake pit…….

  1. Took incredible guts standing up to those two snakes and although it may have still hurt like hell they didn’t bite as you say. Times are changing and those snakes will soon realise that their time for feeding has come and gone. Am really proud of you huns, beautiful piece and so very true. HUGS

  2. So right. Walk away form the snakes. The biggest challenge for me is to know snakes and not confuse those who care with those who act as if they care. Stuff those snakes. I cut them off. But they also make me go closer to the arms of those who are true to me. And to themselves.

  3. I am finding that since these experiences from this week, I feel tired, but yet, stronger at the same time, and more confirmed than ever in the fact that I am able to tell the difference between the snakes and those who are not in my life. The lesson that has become so clear for me in all of this is to listen deeply to my intuition; only when I choose to ignore it have I been burned………… I am finally learning!!!

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