Why blogging?

This is a question that I have been thinking about for a few days now.  When I first thought about how I would answer, I thought that the answer would be quite simple; how complicated could it be to define what it is that I enjoy about being a blogger?  But as I have been pondering it, I have discovered that the answer is a thought provoking one, and complex in its content.

There are several reasons that I believe are the truest of why I come here, to this space, and beyond.  First reason:  I love to write.  Now, my honey has said that I could just write upon my laptop, not in cyberspace, to fulfill that need.  Good point.  So, that means that this aspect is not the only one; but this one is most important, because in the last few weeks, as I have been posting more consistently, my own posts and commenting on others, I have made a more consistent commitment to my writing, and not just saving it for when I have the energy, or the time or inclination.  Truth is, I ALWAYS have the inclination to write, to describe, to tell, to soul search.  Writing is a perfect outlet for me.

Another reason?  I love to connect with other people.  Blogging affords me the luxury of having others read my stuff, and for me to read theirs, and to see the connections, the differences, and the meaning for myself and others in our lives as it is described, for some of us through words, others of us through images or music, or all of the above.  But I can truly say that this has been a most inspiring and energizing way to meet other like-minded people and to get jazzed about the human race…….

Another reason?  I love to teach, to inform, to inspire, to support, to educate.  My first career that I wanted to do as a child was be a teacher.  Well, in my grown up life, I am a teacher in some of my professional aspects, but I also enjoy teaching in terms of letting others know what has occurred in my life, my journey, and my growth, to hopefully help them to gain some understanding for themselves.  I read from one of my fellow bloggers that it would be unfair to not share with others his own journey, when it just might help them along the way.  I fully agree; I am a helper by trade, by genetics, and by choice, and this is a surefire way to get help out to others who may not even know that they need it.

Another reason, related to that?? I love to learn, I think that I am addicted to it even more than to writing OR to blogging.  I love to hear about the experiences of others, in other parts of my country or my world; I love to learn about life from other points of view, or about how pain impacts all of us; or what the political climate is on the other side of the globe; or what coping skills my friends here have used to get through a difficult time; or what it is like to fly an airplane, be on a radio show or operate a farm.  It is all relevant to me and to my life in some way, because it is a humanness that sometimes gets missed in everyday living.

Blogging, I think above all else except the writing part, keeps me CONNECTED.  So often in life, especially it seems in my life lately, people don’t know how, or don’t have the desire or the will, to connect with one another.  I don’t mean just by shooting off an email to say “what’s up?”, although that serves its purpose as well.  But really connecting, really seeing the similarities between us, really taking the time to understand, or at least, appreciate, another person’s point of view.  Human connection is what will save our world from peril; will create peace in our own souls; will keep us closer to God; will help us to feel not so lost and alone here.  It is what counts.  Connection means love, acceptance, respect, commitment, strength, hope and faith that our world can be and will be a better place.

I find this to be an amazing, life changing experience…..


7 thoughts on “Why blogging?

  1. Each day I am grateful that you blog, can I copy and paste this? Indeed it is an amazing, life changing experience… you are touching many lives huns… Thank you for doing what you do!

  2. You absolutely can copy and paste if you like…… I am grateful for finding this part of life also; to be able to connect and to write…… you also have inspired me to continue on and to find the joy in writing……. hugs! V.

  3. Great post. I have been asking myself the same question. Why am I doing this? Partly because some people question why I write. That I do it for my own ego. Since that “What Are We Doing?” post got so much attention. The thing is, I didn’t write it when I had people coming to my blog. I didn’t write it for others. I just wrote it. And somehow the blog gives me a way to write. I am not English. I can’t write to save my life. But I can blog.

    Thanks for this. It made me think and gave me answers.

  4. YAY!! Glad to have you around……… I used to think that maybe it was about ego also, although that is so not my style. I seem to be able to be more spontaneous and let the words flow more freely on the keyboard than in a notebook; I have now found it a way to really get connected to the world, the WHOLE world it feels like; I am absolutely hooked…….. WELCOME, AA!!! Peace, Vanessa

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