I am living the life of my dreams

Yes, that is right, I most certainly am.  I am living the life of my dreams, my best and most beautiful and loving dreams, my day and night dreams.  My childhood and adult dreams. 

I have come to this conclusion after understanding that I am literally writing the story of my life, every day, and have been since my childhood.  Through my trials, my joys, my despair and my hope, I have been writing my memoirs, chapter by chapter.  In the beginning of my life, Chapter One, I was not the primary author, that job was deferred to those that cared for me the most, my parents, my siblings, my extended family.  But as time went on, as each new chapter was started, I became the author that guided the story. 

Sometimes, I forget what some of my earliest, happiest dreams and goals were as a child.  But, some still stick in my mind:  I wanted to grow up and be a teacher, or a social worker, or a photographer or singer.  I wanted to have a spouse, a child or children, and a dog and a house and a white picket fence.  I wanted to be foolishly in love, wanted to love my life.

So, one chapter at a time, I was charting my course.  I was deciding what details would impact me in what way.  There were so many incidents and circumstances that could have lead to various endings to a chapter, or to my story, but that is when others determining my story went fully from them, to me.  I was, and am, the one who is now the sole author of my story.

Every page, every moment, ESPECIALLY those that were the most painful, brought me to right now, today, in this moment.  The most painful were the most telling for my future, because they strengthened me, they tested me, they assured me that the path that I was on was the right one; the pain was always a result of questioning how what I believe came up against the outside world.  Even though I have learned to trust myself more and others less, it was always to concur with my what my heart told me:  that I know what is right, I know how to guide my own path.

You see, like a brilliant stone or gem, I have gone through fires of life to strengthen, to show all of the facets that I possess, to be more shining and brilliant than I ever imagined myself to be capable of.  Every fire, every flame, every inferno, was so worth where I stand today.

I am living the life of my dreams……….

I have a spouse, I have a child, I have a dog and six cats and a fish, I have a house, no picket fence.  But I have it.  I have a career that I enjoy, hobbies that I love, and a connection with my soul and with the Universe that I don’t know if I could have dreamed of.  As my life has gone on, I have connected the dots of what my life’s purpose is; I have learned that I can trust myself, and I can trust others as well, but it has to be earned.  Although many of the dots are connected, it is not yet a complete picture of my life purpose.  I know that it is to do good, to embrace and give only love and truth to others, and to always love myself.  But there is a part that is not yet connected, which is the future.  Because I know that anything is possible and the future could bring anything, good or challenging.

I am living the life of my dreams, by being so open to the Universe and the world around me, that every moment is one big adventure.  Being open to the Universe not only brings great opportunity, but immense responsibility.  The Universe not only cares for me, but I am responsible to be respectful and care for it in return, and be grateful for all that it offers to me.

There are so many chapters left in my memoir; I already have hundreds of pages written in my head, every moment of this precious life of mine upon them.  Every moment serving its purpose to the overall story of my life.  A story with suspense, love, loss, adventure, and passion. 

There is no way that I will skip to the end of this book; I am having way too much fun writing it………


9 thoughts on “I am living the life of my dreams

  1. This is beautiful… wow.. I need to remember that. We get to write our own story.. Amazing concept.

    I just want to give you a hug. I don’t know why but suddenly I feel like I have missed out on you my whole life. Boy am I glad you showed up now!

  2. Me too!!!! I feel so fortunate with this connection of life and love and human compassion, most days it literally overwhelms me……. I feel so lucky to have connected with your spirit; I really admire your courage.

    This was a Melody Beattie affirmation, about how what we live is a memoir, and chapter by chapter matters, the good and the bad. It teaches us gratitude to think in that manner, and it serves me well, and helps me to not be bitter about the past…….. I am sending a great big hug to you, friend…… V.

  3. Wow this is beautiful; so full of truth and love. Thanks for authoring and sharing; not only this passage, but your life too. Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

  4. Cordie: thanks, that means so much coming from you!!! Peace to you, V.

    Joy: It is hard to imagine when I think of the pain I am in at the present moment, that the overall picture is all as it should be…. chapter by chapter, moment by moment, it all comes together into my story……

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