Get out of the muck

Sometimes, we all get stuck in life. We are moving along on our merry way, and we take a wrong turn, take a curve too sharp, misjudge the road, and we end up in the ditch. And, when it is really a tough circumstance, it isn’t just a ditch. It is a ditch full of muck. And, we get stuck.

I think we have all gone through this circumstance at one time or another. It doesn’t seem to matter if we have been having a difficult time of things for a long period of time, or if our life has been steadily improving, and then we have a bit of a car wreck. The idea is that we all get off track of where it is we had hoped to be.

The problem for me, with muck, is that for a bit of time, I sit in the stuckness. My wheels are spinning, and the muck is flying, spraying any unfortunate soul that is standing behind me, and I am not moving. The more agitated that my response is, the harder that I press on the accelerator, the worse it gets; my wheels start to sink deeper and deeper. So, what started out as a slight inconvenience can soon become a catastrophe.

The reality is, we will all get stuck in the muck at one time, or many times, in our lives. Whether we expect it to happen or not. Getting stuck is a part of life, and the getting stuck part in and of itself isn’t always so bad. Maybe it is the Universe telling us that we need to stay put for a bit, look again at a situation, stay still, stop moving, stop RUNNING. Telling us to take a breath, clear our minds, and consider our next move. If we don’t take that breath, we rev our engines, and spin our wheels and end up in the muck deeper and deeper.

If I really think about it, when I have become stuck, I tend to stay stuck as I said, but not without working at a plan of how I will get out. First, I try to stay in the moment of the muck, really just be present. I mean, for the immediate period of time, I am not going anywhere. So, why not look around, breathe the air, see what it is there available to us to see.

After having a bit of solitude with the muck, I begin to plan and evaluate how to best get myself from the muck. Now, nice drivers come along all the time to try to help us out of the muck. Well intentioned, for sure. But, we have to be the ones to stay behind the wheel, to keep control of the situation. WE have to be the ones to get ourselves out of the muck. They can support, accomodate in some way, and even give a bit of assistance. But, whether they stay with us for hours, or give advice and walk away, it is the person behind the wheel who remains in the muck; until we are ready to come out.

Is it possible that sometimes we look forward to the muck, that we don’t mind getting stuck? Sure, because in my mind, muck always speaks to us of an opportunity. An opportunity to take a different perspective, have a new view, and be creative in terms of how we solve it and where we go next. I was recently told that when you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change. So as it is with the muck. See it as an opportunity for change, for growth, for new direction, and so you shall have it.

Are you stuck at this point in your life? Are you whining, complaining, or yelling at others because you are stuck in the muck of your circumstance? Stop. Breathe. Partake of the opportunity. Plan your strategy.

Then get yourself out of the muck, and be grateful for it.


5 thoughts on “Get out of the muck

  1. Ah a sister after my own heart and soul. It’s always good to let off steam but ultimately what we do with that steam and what we do with the lessons learnt from the muck makes us who we are and determines what comes next. Beautiful post hun, wow!

  2. Good post… I often find myself muddling (I love that word) in the muck. 🙂 Good things come from the mud. They say the lotus flower rises from the mud above the water to the light..not sure if that is totally true, but I love the story.

    Thank you for sharing this and your leaving the nest post…she’ll be fine with a sister like you!

  3. Thank you gypsy-heart: I never heard that about lotus flowers, but what beauty to come from mud and muck……. I like that word muddling also; like floundering, but not really…… it feels really pure and soft and cool even though messy….. just like life…..

    Thanks for your words…..

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