The night of never ending words

I feel so tired tonight, but anxious and keyed up at the same time.  I feel like so much of my emotion was drained from me over the course of today, yet, I feel energized and ready to write and write until my eyes cannot stay opened another second.

Inspiration for me is such a magical thing when it comes to my writing.  I have always loved to write, always created poems, or kept a journal, and at this phase in my life, and the evolution of my writing, it is a stream of consciousness.  When I feel the need to write, it is like a hunger that needs to be fed, a craving that needs to be satisfied.  That is always a challenge, when life has its own ideas of how I should best be spending my time.  Best laid plans to write almost every night this week have been interrupted for the best of reasons, but each night, I had the deep desire to write late into the night, but the eyes and body just could not cooperate.

Inspiration is interesting at this point in my life, because when I say stream of consciousness, I mean, I really just flow with the words, ideas, and concepts.  It is as if I have no idea what I am going to say or write until it is flowing through my fingers onto the computer screen.  Could make for some interesting story telling, no?  And, I am a fast typist, having been saavy enough as a teenager in high school to think that the boring typing course might serve me well someday…… well, long after typing anything on  a typewriter, my skills at a keyboard have served me well in the computer age also….. but I digress….. SEE WHAT I MEAN???

I feel like tonight, a switch has been turned on and that I am not the least bit knowing or concerned about when it will burn out or turn off.  I have heard that many great writers loved to write into the wee hours of the morning, with the house quiet, cigarette smouldering in an ashtray, third pot of coffee of the night, scraps of paper of ideas gone awry lying all over the floor.  Funny, I don’t ever feel that way about my writing ideas.  I think because when it comes to my writing, I really don’t have any preconceived notions about what it is I will write about.  Whatever it is, it will always be relevant to me and my life, sometimes personal, sometimes reflective, and always DEEP and always TRUTH.   That is me, pretty much.  Deep, truthful, and full of love.  And I always believe in sharing any message that carries love in it, to as many people as can read it…..

A friend called me her angel today, and that moved me beyond words.  You, you are saying, BEYOND WORDS??  Yep, but just for a minute, until my mind catches up with my brain…….


6 thoughts on “The night of never ending words

  1. Ah I love moments like this when it just flows and before you know it you are finished writing and think huh going “Ok let me see what I wrote” It’s an adventure I never get tired of!

  2. This is what I mean about your writing, you write and it all just makes sense even if you didn’t know what to write about to begin with. ME, I have to sit and think, write down, plan, plan and plan some more. Nothing comes to me magically. This is so neat to me that you have this ability.

  3. And the thing is, the results I believe come out the same for many of us, just through different means. When I trust in that innate ability, if that is even the right word, the words flow. When I try to focus on it too hard, I get blocked. I also have few preconceived notions about what I consciously want to write about, most of the time, anyway. It is always the pouring out of my heart, whatever is moving it at that particular moment….. You need to have more faith in what you write and create girl!!!

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