My book of Gratitude

I express gratitude in so many ways in my life.  That is one of the keys I believe to being fully present in one’s life and experiences; by sharing and expressing gratitude to God, to yourself, to others, and to the Universe, for the lessons that are brought forth. 

Sometimes, gratitude is a prayer, a quiet reflection and thought sent forth to God or to the Universe, saying that I understand what is being put before me.  Or that I don’t yet have a full understanding, but that I accept that this where I am being led.  Or, a prayer of gratefulness and appreciation for the thousands of stars that shine over our home; the health and well being of my family; the ability for us to heat our home and care for ourselves this coming winter……it happens several times a day, every day, when a thought or experience occurs to me that has impacted me greatly.  Because I am ever present, much of the time, gratitude finds its way into my routine regularly.


Gratitude other times is an actual, formal expression to someone in my life.  A thank you card for a thoughtful gift.  A phone call of appreciation for being there for me.  A kiss given to my loved ones to say that I am so grateful to have them in my life.  A letter written in praise of all of the things that someone has done for me.  Gratitude is meant to be felt fully, but it is also meant to be shared with those that it involves; don’t keep all of that good feeling to yourself.  Tell those around you that you appreciate them; tell Mother Earth that you are so grateful for what she gives you; tell your supervisor how inspired you feel to do the work that you do, that makes a difference to others… tell God how grateful you are for sight and sound and breath…..


I also have kept, on occasion, a gratitude journal, which others around here have also written about recently, a daily recounting of things that we can be grateful for in our lives, to help us to count our blessings rather than our adversities.  There is no denying that many have been subject to such adversity that has not been my own life experience, and I am truly grateful for that.  But as Sanityfound is a testament to, I think above any person that I know, is that no matter what hardships and hell we have faced in our lives, there is always something to express gratitude for.  Gratitude puts the control back into our own hands; we may be powerless to what others have said to us, or done to us, but by expressing gratitude for our lessons, we take our lives back, to never more be at the hands of another.  We are free.


I think that the most significant way that I express my gratitude these days in my life, is by blogging.  My writing here is a reflection of all that is present in my life, that I feel so peaceful and contented about.  It is about the lessons that I have learned, and the hope that they may help another human being along the way.  It is about finding other like minded people, and connecting on a very basic, loving and human level.  And, it is about living my life as fully and freely as possible.  Because, if we look at it just a bit differently, or for some of us, not differently at all, by living our lives as fully as we can, we are shouting our gratitude to others and to the heavens, thanking the Universe for the life that we have been given, and showing our appreciation by not wasting it.


Don’t waste a moment of it, be grateful for all of it that you can, and show that gratitude by jumping in and enjoying every bite out of life there is.


I would like to express my formal gratitude to some very specific readers who are loyal and come back day after day, and whose words have also moved and inspired me….












And for those of you that I am still getting to know….


Thank you, for all that you do to enhance and enlighten my existence……


20 thoughts on “My book of Gratitude

  1. Am in tears again meanie! Phew huns that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Thank YOU for each and everyday, thank you for your words, your inspiration, wisdom and love… THANK YOU!!!

    I truly am grateful each and everyday *hugs*

  2. Aud: You are such a true, kind and genuine person that I am so grateful for, as I say dozens of times…… thank you for being my friend…… mean so much to me, more than words can express……

    Froggywoogie… glad that you came for a visit! Glad to see you around the blog parts…. we are a friendly crowd!!! and fun, too!

  3. Aaawww, thanks Vanessa. I don’t care who you are, it’s nice to see your name in print. Thank you also for making my old brain think!!!

  4. Joy: It IS always nice to see our own name, isn’t it? So, I believe in acknowledging and giving that feel good when I can….. it is deserved!! BTW, bet your brain isn’t any older than mine….. today it felt like swiss cheese!!!

    Amber: Sometimes we do need to remind ourselves I think, especially when we have been facing difficulty one after another…… sending you big hugs back!!! V.

  5. You are such an enlightened person! May I express my gratitude to you for writing such moving posts?!?

    Gratitude is an area of my life that is a “work in progress.” I know that I am not grateful enough … not thankful enough. Whenever something doesn’t go “my way,” I constantly have to remind myself how lucky I am … how blessed I am … and that I shouldn’t let the little “downs” of life bother me as much as they sometimes do.

    Thanks for the beautifully written reminder …

  6. Awe…Vanessa, thanks for your affirmation as well. I can’t wait till some of us get together for coffee (black/ no suguar for me pleaase 🙂 ) and cookies will happen…I can feel it.

  7. Fitch: I am humbled by your kind words…… it has been a LONG process for me, and one which peaked by being a spiritual awakening, of sorts…. more on that in a future post…. I am so grateful for being grateful, weird?? It helps me everyday to stay in balance……. and at peace. So glad that we happened upon one another……

    DM: You DEFINITELY belong on this gratitude list; your words that evoke vulnerability as well as strength are quite powerful to me on many occasions….. thank you so much for your presence in my life, and I can easily remember how you take your coffee; same as mine….. you know, great minds……

    BTW, what are monkey cookies??? Should I be afraid of them???

    Joy: We will be able to influence SF to not eat ALL of the cookies….. she will share, RIGHT, Aud?? Remember, you have to play nicely with others……

    gypsy-heart: Another happy accident, coming across your blog and your artwork and words….. the manatees post, I still think on that, and can hardly wait to see one in real life when I visit my folks in FLA next year…… thanks for the sharing that you do……. and yes, it is all one big circle… no beginning and no end….. all connected….

  8. Vanessa,’
    You asked about Monkey cookies…You know how SF has been posting all those old family photos of us that look like chimps? Well, these cookies are a spin off from that whole thing…she’s got little cookie cutters shaped like each one of us..I think she uses ginger bread cookie dough…and that’s the story behind the now famous monkey cookies

    and thanks again for your kind words of affirmation 🙂 great minds to think alike

  9. I am enriched and rejuvenated a little today by reading your wisdom on gratitude. I attempt to practice what I call my “grateful mantras” daily! I believe it is better than an “apple a day” for keeping the “doctor away”…


  10. Wendy: Welcome! I am so glad that you stopped by! I agree that a good dose of gratitude seems to cure what ails us; I was just telling a friend, that my car is in the shop, I could easily complain about that, but instead, I am expressing gratitude at even HAVING a car, being secure, taking care of my needs…. I feel very grateful, but it doesn’t always come easy, but always worth it.

    Come back again!! Peace, Vanessa

  11. i dunno if you’ve read my answer to your post on my site, but i said if you’re ever in SA, ‘ll tell you a story of how two broken hearts met just as they were ready to heal. and odf course, you all have to sta with us 🙂

    thank you vanessa, for your kind words.

  12. If we are ever there, we will most certainly stay, and it would be great to visit together!! It is amazing how the Universe lets us know when we are ready for love, yes? I had given up, completely, lying on the floor of my apartment, crying to God about why I couldn’t find love……..

    We have an amazing love story, goes across time and space…. we can share that during our visit as well…….

    Thanks so much for being around…..

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