In the spirit of Ubuntu: Lessons

I am trying a bit of an experiment for the next few entries.  Since Ubuntu is such an integral part of my life, I am going to write about various concepts related to Ubuntu, at least, in my understanding of it, and how it has come to my life, and hopefully, helping others to recognize it within themselves and others.  The first that I am thinking of is the spirit of lessons, lessons learned and left to learn.

I once had a person in my life tell me (actually, a person who has been a friend to me in the past, but walked away from that relationship when she didn’t like who I was befriending), well she told me once when I was commenting about emotional/psychic steps forward that I had made in my life, that it really does us no good to look back on what we have already done, that we need to stay in today and focus on what is ahead.  Huh? 

I mean, I have been involved in the 12 step concepts to one degree or another almost my entire adult life.  So, I get it about the staying in the moment, today is our focus, one day at a time, the past is in the past.  And, it all makes sense to me.  However, I also firmly believe that the lessons of the past, the painful and powerful ones, all are part of who we are today, in this moment.  Therefore, to look back, to either reflect on what we have learned from bad experiences, or to give ourselves credit for how far we have come, I think is a good thing, a healthy behavior to have.  I am because you are; what I have learned I can pass onto you, and you can use what is helpful and leave the rest.  I am who I am in my today, because of who you are and who you have been to me.  How many of us have had the experience of building or creating something, and then standing back, and admiring the end result?  I think that this is less about pride and vanity, and more about a feeling of satisfaction that a task has been completed, and an accomplishment is being acknowledged.  Lessons learned benefit us in many ways, but I believe part of their value is when we are able to see how we came to learn those lessons, what information came our way, and how we integrate those lessons into our lives and everyday choices and behaviors.

What lessons have you learned along the way, and what steps of progress do you see in yourself?  Instead of denigrating yourself for all of your shortfalls, take the time today to jot down what you have accomplished, not in terms of your occupation, or your wealth or status.  What have you accomplished in terms of exploring your heart and your soul, in terms of answering to what your true calling is?  What lessons of Ubuntu have you already put into practice in your life? 


12 thoughts on “In the spirit of Ubuntu: Lessons

  1. Vanessa honey this is a beautiful post. I wholeheartedly agree with you, and I love your concept for these Ubuntu life experiences. Its a great thing. Maybe the rest of us should follow suit.

    Great great ….

  2. Amber: It is amazing to me how all that I am about, comes back to Ubuntu somehow….. it is a way of life that is so fitting, it really is a gift of sorts… thank you for your thoughts, hugs to you!! Vanessa

    SF: The flow came, as usual, as I sat at the keyboard and let my fingers go free…… there is so much in this deep soul I feel like the entries are endless….. MWAH!!!!

    Vonne: Thank you so much for coming by, and for your lovely comment. I plan on doing some reading over at your place later today…… keep the faith, Vanessa

  3. What lessons have I learned along the way? Spiritually speaking, I’m still just a baby when it comes to the school of life … oft times it is still a struggle for me to grasp what lessons are being presented to me. But I think the biggest “ah-ha” moment I’ve had thus far is simply realizing that I should actually be thankful for those that oppose me the most. In the past, such people would greatly upset and anger me … now I realize (or at least take a deep breath and try to realize) that by them being them … such makes ME a stronger ME.

    I can’t express how much I truly enjoy reading your posts! They are always so thought-provoking!

  4. Fitch: I am so glad, thank you for that!!! My evolution is a never ending journey, but I feel like in the last couple of years, so much has clicked into place; the Universe is a wondrous thing…… I hear you about the opposers; I used to be so afraid of conflict with others, but now I face it and am okay with it, it doesn’t shake me anymore….

    Thanks for being around, and being you!!!

  5. Wow Vanessa! This is an incredibly written post. If you always do what you’ve alway done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. If I refuse to examine what I have done, how will I know what to change . . . – Now how can we move forward if we refuse to look behind us to realize what works and no longer works.

    Living in the “moment” is wonderful. But each moment turns into the past so fast that I simply can’t keep up!

    I try as I may, but I swear this moment living can be so hard, that it causes its own brand of stress.

    Just kidding. . . but I know you get my drift. We simply can’t dwell in the past; as the past is in the past. If you’re familiar with 12 steps I’m sure you’re also familiar with the “serenity prayer” You can’t fix everything, be grateful of that which you can.

    As always, PLL, CordieB.

  6. Hey Suresh: Thanks for checking out my blog. I will stop by in the next day or two to participate. Thanks for the invite and come back often! Peace, Vanessa

    Cordie: “If you always do what you’ve alway done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” How true is this?!?! So therefore, looking back helps us to see where we have gone right, AND gone wrong…… if we live in that past, then we stay stuck, so it isn’t about that part… I know that you get it, and yes, 12 step has given much to me over the years in terms of my process. I feel blessed to have known about it…. Staying in the moment I think takes a great deal of energy and self-will; I have had to work at it, still do quite a bit. When I find myself wandering to worries or lists in my mind, I have to reconnect with what I really want to be taking in about the moment. Checking myself, you know? It is so worth it…… I feel really blessed to have met you through these blogs Cordie, you really are special!!! Peace out, honey…..V.

  7. dinesh: Thank you so much and welcome! Stop by again soon when you can…… Peace.

    Deeps: Agreed; our past is part of who we are, our identity. It served its purpose, even when extremely painful. Lessons are always learned…. thank you!!!

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