Tag: three surprising facts….

I hardly ever do tags, but this one seemed fun and a bit personal, so here goes….

3 Joys

  1. Spending time with my family 
  2. Being at the ocean
  3. Traveling

3 Fears

  1. Losing those that I love
  2. Death
  3. Being forgotten

3 Goals

  1. Own and operate a B and B with my honey
  2. Travel the world as an inspirational speaker
  3. Get my PhD

3 Current Obsessions

  1. My Blog
  2. Other people’s blogs
  3. Ubuntu

3 Random/Surprising Facts

  1. I once walked sixty miles in three days to raise money for breast cancer.
  2. My first career aspiration was to be a singer.  I won some awards in high school and went to a summer music camp for two weeks when I was sixteen.
  3. My partner and I grew up literally less than an hour from one another in our childhoods, in Massachusetts, but never met until we were adults and living in Pennsylvania.  My family actually used to drive by her grandmother’s house when we were kids, on our way to my grandmother’s home for a visit… TOTALLY freaky…. but not…..

5 thoughts on “Tag: three surprising facts….

  1. SF: Yep, I tend to follow the rules most of the time, at least for posting, funny huh???

    AMber: yep, singing was to be my career, but I decided couldn’t handle the competition. And, as far as Jame and I and growing up, how cool is that? She figures that she may have even waved to me, because she used to stand in her grandma’s front yard and wave at cars going by….. And I may have even waved back…… life is so strange and wonderful…..

  2. Wow. What beautiful Joys. Somehow I knew you could sing! You’ve got to send us a sound bite one of these days. Peace, Light and love to you and yours. . . CordieB.

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