In the spirit of Ubuntu: One World, One Soul

I have always felt a strong connection to others, to their experiences, to what it is that they go through, whether it be joys or sorrows.  That seems like a natural, flowing part of me.  But, recently, I have had an experience that steps even this part of me up even a bit more.

Two bodies, one soul.  One world, one soul on espresso.

I have never encountered this before.  Now, what I am talking about is not sexual, or romantic.  It is two persons who have never knowingly been in each other’s lives, but seem to have known one another throughout a hundred lifetimes.  To have another person not know every detail of my life, but rather, be able to read my soul.  To know what it contains as clearly as only I do. 

I have never encountered that before this point in my life.

Ubuntu, one world, one soul on overdrive. 

I mean, think about it.  Think about what it would be like to encounter yourself, outside of yourself.

That is what this experience is.

Ubuntu makes that possible.  Our extension and commitment to Ubuntu makes that possible, because it opens up the entire world to us.  If we really believe that the whole world is at our hands, before us ready to connect, then really, ANYTHING is possible.  That gives us hope, love, possibility, togetherness, and interdependence.

Have you found your twin, the other person that holds your soul in another body?

It is just about indescribable, yet I wish that for you, for you to have that experience.  It will change your life.

Ubuntu, one world, one soul on steroids.

I highly recommend it.


8 thoughts on “In the spirit of Ubuntu: One World, One Soul

  1. one soul on espresso – I am in love with that expression and oddly you have used words that I have used before, perhaps unbeknown to you. I want to change the One World One Soul blog to an Ubuntu blog hmm will send out email.

    Beautiful post and most definitely on steroids!

  2. @SanityFound and Vanessa. Vanessa, you didn’t know about one world one soul before writing this or your email today on Ubuntu? If not, that’s super bouncy! I can feel the energy bouncing and pinging all over the place. Am I reading into the comments incorrectly?

  3. I love this post… how lovely. And more importantly how brilliant that you have found souls that you feel connected to like that. Its an amazing feeling of love and energy that flows when that happens.

    You are so special Vanessa…

  4. Beautiful. That’s is so how it is. We can feel the souls of other people. It drives us. Sometimes drives us crazy. It’s not a burden because it just is who we are. The beauty is when we connect with others and we realize we don’t carry these on our own. It makes it a little lighter and easier to carry. You guys make the journey so much easier. Never met you but always knew you.

  5. Wow … I can feel the energy radiating from this post as I read it! Amazing! The connection of which you speak … just thinking about it gives me chills!

  6. SF: Well, it is like that, espresso is the best way for me to describe it……. that soul connection that runs deep, that cannot be anything but authentic….. you know……

    Cordie: I know One World, One Soul by title of SF referring to it before, but some of it is just us being on the same wavelength, or should say, same soullength???……

    Amber: I love you, thank you as usual for all that you say, and that you are….. it is just me, after all….

    AA: Never met you but always knew you. There is A LOT of that going on around my world lately; it is almost overwhelming, but incredibly humbling and peaceful at the same time…. and yes, sometimes I could go crazy over it, but it simply is who I am, who we all are….. sending you and yours love and hugs, embrace that coffee break, buddy…..

    Hayden: What comes to you in terms of that love is always, ALWAYS deserved. Please remember that……

    Fitch: I really feel very grateful that you are now a regular reader; the energy that you feel in reading is truly what is there, and at times it seems surreal, almost frightening because of its intensity. But, I really have never felt anything like it in my life……..

  7. Very interesting post. I have not met my twin yet, but I am intrigued.

    I do feel soul energies though. 🙂 I hope you will write more on the subject.

    Good energies and peace of heart to you!

    Ps Congrats on taking charge of your health..well done!! I am very much into healthy living..body, mind, spirit!

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