In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Be a whole part of the whole.

I am doing something this election year that I have never done before.  I am actively working on a candidate’s campaign for the presidency.  The candidate that I am working for is not really important, although apparent if you know ANYTHING about me from reading here…… I decided that this year, with so much at stake, seemingly more than ever before, was the year for me to get involved, not just sit in the wings……

I wear the buttons, I put the bumper sticker on my car.  But this year, what I added was an actual visit to campaign headquarters in my county last week.  I arrived there, nervous and unsure, and left there energized and pumped up.  What I opted to do for my first level of campaigning was to make calls to registered voters in Pennsylvania, specifically women, to inquire as to whom they were supporting in the election, and briefly discuss the issues with them.  I have a list of forty voters, and tonight, got through four.

The first two calls, no one was at home, so I left a voicemail message.  The third call, the woman came to the phone, and told me she does not want to take campaign calls.  Fair enough.  I started wondering if I really wanted to be part of this after all.  Maybe I can’t take this rejection, this chance that angry people may get on the phone with me, or hang up in my ear.

But, I decided to make just ONE MORE PHONE CALL….. for the night.

And, I am so glad that I did.  The woman on the other end, was in the midst of trying to figure out how to cast an absentee ballot just as I was calling her. We chatted for a few minutes, she assuring me that she indeed, is fully supporting my candidate.  She told me what some of her most urgent concerns are in this election.  She sounded energized and hopeful.  She thanked me for calling. 

And, I hung up the phone, and screamed out loud.

You see, there is every likelihood, that the closer that we get to something that is about to happen, that people get more passionate about it, more energized, more agitated even.  There is every chance that I will have a door slammed in my face, or a telephone hung up in my ear, or shouting or screaming or tears. 

But, there is also the chance that what I have to say will make a difference.  That my being a part of the whole will make a difference to someone.  Not just in this election, but in life, in my daily events.  I want to be a part, but not just a part, I want to be a whole part, a whole part of the whole.

You see, I could be part of just about anything in my life that is going on, on the periphery, on the sidelines, going through the motions of something that I don’t really feel the commitment for or to.  Or, I could actively participate as part of the event, the process, and throw myself into it, with my intellect, my heart, my drive, and my passion.  Imagine the possibilities of that!  Imagine how energized I will feel even if the turnout is not as I would have hoped.  Because, I will have fully lived, been in the moment, stayed connected.

We may only be a part of the whole picture, but actively playing our part keeps us connected to all that is, all that happens, all that is present in our daily lives.  So, as I play my part, I maintain my uniqueness, but still get to be part of the whole human connection, and share similarities as well.  When I disconnect, I feel unique, but also feel DIFFERENT, apart from everything, not A PART of everything…….

There is one life force, one connection that runs through all that we are and all that we think, feel and do.  It is what binds us to one another,  it is what keeps our humanness intact, it is what makes families and friends and coworkers and collaborators…. it is what creates freedom of choice, and helps us to connect with our caring, compassion and offerings to others.

Getting connected, being a whole part of the whole, isn’t something that we are creating that does not already exist.  The whole is already there; the life force and energy already exists and is swirling around us.  We just need to call up our own part to jump in, fully, and take our place in the magic.

According to Melody Beattie, separateness is an illusion.  No one has to make us part of the whole; we already are. 

Do you recognize your whole part of the whole?

Jump in; tap into that life force.  Don’t wait. 


7 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Be a whole part of the whole.

  1. It is why I blog lol, connections, does that make sense? Beautifully written and you are right although I tend to avoid the political side, it takes away from me what I hold most dear.

  2. Amber: Thank you girlfriend!! Being a part of any change has become extremely important to me……. it is all connected to who I am, who we all are and where we are going, and Ubuntu to the core!!!!

    SF: It is also one of the main reasons that I blog, and why I have become compelled to read other blogs so regularly…… it is vital to expanding my view, and being a part of something so large, so vast and expansive and beautiful……. Love you sis!!!

  3. Wow, you really have a magical gift for communicating, at least in all the writings I’ve seen. If you communicate even half as well in speach as you do in writing, you could very well run for Pres yourself some day. . . Anywho, thanks for the continued inspiration – I can’t do much as far as supporting a candidate because I work for the U.S. Government and it’s illegal for us to do so in many instances – But I can tell people to please use your power of the the vote! You’re really good at writing, really, really good. . . I’m at awe! BTW, does your career involve professional writing of some sort? Just curious. . . PLL, CordieB.

  4. So chuffed you are doing this. I am not “allowed” to do anything but blog on this topic. Damn visa… Damn accent.

    But, gosh darnit, why not for the cute one? You know the winking Barbie. I betcha ya wanna!

    Haha! Go Obama! Oops. Did I say that?

  5. “Separateness is an illusion” – I love that! That is such an excellent thought to keep in one’s mind when interacting with others. Indeed – we are all connected!

    (P.S. Go Obama!)

  6. Cordie: Thank you for such beautiful words…. I tend to possess a lot of passion for whatever topic I write or speak about, so yes, when I speak, once I get over my initial nerves, I fire it up, big time…… I do not write professionally for a living, I work for managed care, and basically write what I need to know…… no creativity needed… this is all my secret, alter ego life!!! LOL I am amazed at how many ways that they exclude persons from actively working a campaign of some sort; I read this weekend as per Girl Scouts, in which I am a leader, that I am not supposed to actively work on a campaign…. so I may not be able to continue, it just seems such a way to exclude us from the process we are supposed to facilitate!!!! Hugs, girl!!! V.

    AA: Yep, better Americanize yourself so they don’t catch on that you might be “Breaking the rules”…….. BTW, Obama is cute enough for my liking, thank you very much!!!!

    Fitch: Yes, she got it just right when she wrote that, Melody Beattie that is…. and it is so true….. we think that we live separate lives, but I am coming to understand that we deny which we crave the most; we deny that connection to everyone and everything, yet it is what we most desperately want… we are indeed strange creatures, we humans!!!! Again, without sounding repetitive, I am SO glad that you found your way here!!!!!

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