In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Amber.

How is it that we each know how Ubuntu is possessed, embodied in another?  I am going to spend a bit of time talking about why I believe those that I hold closest to me hold this concept, this idea, this way of life, close to their being, they emulate it… they breathe it, live it, give it and receive it……

Amber.  Where do I begin?  This woman is an amazing human being.  To start with, she has a serious medical issue that inhibits her ability to feel her best on many days.  Despite that, she is giving, loving, compassionate and caring.  She goes above and beyond to seek others out that need help.  She writes in a very powerful, moving, and sincere way that always leaves me thinking. 

Amber has got to be one of the most honest people that I know.  I brought an issue to her on one occasion, and when she responded, I knew in my heart it was the truth.  I know that she can do no less than to be honest with others, and honest with herself.  We may all know people that like to be brutally honest to others, but truth and honesty to self is sometimes a whole ‘nother story….. Amber walks the walk…. she asks herself, on her blog for all the world to see, the tough questions that she grapples with herself, and she tries to sort them out and be true to who she is.


Amber has a strong faith, a faith in others, a faith in humanity, a faith in God that I believe is a big part of what keeps her going every day.  She isn’t afraid to say the word God and describe what meaning God has in her life. 


Amber likes to learn, to discover new facts and findings and explore what she doesn’t know.  She is curious and never hesitates to ask questions.  She is a learner in this way, but I believe that she is also a teacher.  She never hestitates to share whatever she is learning about the world with others.


Amber also has a deep sense of that which cannot be seen.  She senses things going on with others, she is perceptive, and she acts on it and verbalizes those thoughts and feelings to others. 


How do I know all of this?  We have never met, and we are still getting to know one another on so many detail, surface levels.  But I feel that I know her heart, I have glimpses of her soul, her intentions, and that is really what Ubuntu is all about.  It really isn’t as much about what is on the surface, what we THINK we know about a person, but rather, what we know on a deeper, soulful level. 


That is Amber, plain and simple, yet not.



8 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Amber.

  1. “That is Amber, plain and simple, yet not.” hear hear if there ever was someone with ubuntu it is Amber! You know Ness you have a way with words that just blows me away, you have described her to the T and more. Beautifully done huns!

  2. There are no words… how do you respond to that? Except with gratitude and hope that I will not let you down. Thank you for your kindness, but more for your friendship and love….

  3. SF: Thanks you! I am glad that the description was accurate; I call them as I sees them!!! MWAH!

    Amber: Please, no worries about living up to anything…… you are who you are, and I feel blessed and contented to know you…… bravo girl!!! V.

  4. You talking about Antie Lisbet? Yeah. Amber is a box of chocolates… Okay, let me try something more original. She’s a lucky dip (you have that in the US?) It’s a bag of sweet and a little present. You just put your hand in and are gaurantess something you love. Each time different, but something you will love any way. That Amber for me. She can be funny and she can be serious. But she is always full of love. And I bet you she doesn’t take crap either. We have a saying in South Africa: “Sy vat nie kak van kabouters nie”. But always with love. She is true.

  5. Wow, you’ve got Amber to a tee. Amber is down to earth, generous in spirit and in everything. I feel she has to stop her own generosity at times. She tells us like it is, although she knows it may hurt for a short time but make us stronger in the end. I’ve grown to really look to Amber when I need to hear the real deal. Like I said, you’ve captured Amber’s loving Ubuntu spirit all around. Thanks Amber, and thanks to you Vanessa for writing these wonderful words. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB

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