In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Wonderwall.

This is a love story.  My love story.  And one of the most appropriate examples of Ubuntu in my life. 

I am in love with the love of my life.  This is our story. 

We knew each other for years before.  We had crossed paths a few times, out at bars, with mutual friends.  We were friendly enough to one another.  Then, one evening, after the breakup months before of my previous relationship, my ex asked me to go out dancing.  I was in cleaning clothes.  I had been just hanging out all day.  I didn’t feel like going home to change.  I didn’t want to go.  But, with enough asking, I went.  Just to get out.

We went out to a place we frequented quite a bit.  Jamie was there.  She was interested in someone else at the time, but we talked over the course of the evening, and had some shots of tequila together….. it was fun.  Then, we went our separate ways.

The following weekend, we talked about making plans again.  I wanted to go, but asked, “Is Jamie going?”  And, when she was, I decided to go.  I got dressed up that night.  Wanted to look my best.  We talked a lot that night also, about what we were looking for in relationships, what it would take to meet the right person, all of the things it seemed that had to be sacrificed to have true love come your way.

We went our separate ways again. 

Then, she asked a mutual friend for my telephone number.  My friend asked me on a night when I felt down, rejected, and alone.  Wondering what was to become of my life in terms of love, relationships and commitment.  I said yes.  She called the next night.  And the next night, I called her.  We would be on the telephone for hours.  And I mean, HOURS.  Three or four hours at a time.  Talking about life.  Love.  Family.  Roots.  Career.  Expectations.  Children.  EVERYTHING.  The connections that we found were uncanny, karmic, destiny.  That is when we found out how closely we had grown up from one another, IN ANOTHER STATE.  We made a date.

The date was so wonderful.  A meal together at my home.  Out to see a music group.  Tequila.  Beers.  Laughter.  And connection that was strong and true.  More deep, full conversation.  And then, a lot of hand holding, and deeper connection. 

I think that we didn’t spend a day apart after that night.  We separated long enough to get some sleep, care for our pets, and then spend time together once more.  Our connection was so deep, so intense, that we felt like we had been together for one hundred lifetimes, destined to be together for the rest of our lives.

And here we are, almost thirteen years later, and we are standing strong.  We have been through so much together, trials and joys, sorrows and fun and blissful times.  But we have done it together.  Our bond today is stronger than it has ever been.  With all that life will bring us over the next years of our lives, we will get through it together.

Our love song is “Wonderwall”.

So, the title.

Ubuntu in all its glory.  I am because she is.  Period.  She is my wife, my life, my soulmate, my forever partner. 


10 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Wonderwall.

  1. Am with Amber have goosebumps, you are both truly blessed to have found each other in this lifetime, to know each other and to love each other, to share that deeper connection.

    Wish I could just give you both a big big hug so instead I send it via the airwaves… Wonderwall indeed!

  2. Amber: It is, indeed….. there is not doubt that we have been falling in love for hundreds of years, dozens of lifetimes….

    SF: We both feel blessed; no matter what we are faced with, we manage to figure out how to get through together; I will pass on that massive virtual hug, believe me!!!! MWAH!!

  3. This is just one of the sweetest things I have ever read! How blessed you two are to have found one another! And what a blessing for us to be able to read a post about karma, destiny, connections … and TRUE LOVE!

  4. “I think that we didn’t spend a day apart after that night. We separated long enough to get some sleep, care for our pets, and then spend time together once more. Our connection was so deep, so intense, that we felt like we had been together for one hundred lifetimes, destined to be together for the rest of our lives.”

    YES!! That is EXACTLY how Chris and I were!!! Congratulations on finding what most people would give their last penny to have.

    It just gives me goosebumps.

  5. Fitch: Thank you so much!!! It really is a true love story, and one that we live every day……. and want to share….

    Hayden: It is an amazing thing, isn’t it? It is so refreshing and invigorating for me to revisit our beginnings at times, because it helps to keep our foundation fresh in our minds and our hearts……. we definitely are meant to be together for the rest of our lives, however many we have together….. thanks for this, and so glad you have been as blessed!!

  6. You got it. You know that saying “hang on to it?” Well, don’t. No need to hang on. Because you don’t. All you do is love. And that holds you together stronger than what gravity holds us to this earth. We are a lucky bunch. Us lovebird.

  7. I find it very strange (or as Sanity would say “weird”) and interesting that we wrote about our loves on the same day 🙂 she is your light… and he is mine… to be in love with someone who just loves you as you are is incredible. I have only had 3 years with my partner… but they have gone by so quickly… and yet seem like forever… I look forward to the next 3 and the next and the next… He is truely my Angel… my star… aaahhhh *she sits here with a big fat grin on her face, just thinking about him*

  8. AA: What a beautiful way to look at it; not having to hold on, just love one another. We have had our moments when each of us have felt the need to hold on, only to have that create issues for us, now, we know to just love, love, and love one another, each other, and it will take us everywhere and anywhere that we need to go……..

    bojinx: I found that so funny as well; interesting, karmic, whatever you would like to call it. Yes, it is light and love and angels singing……… the years do fly by. Out of those almost thirteen years, we spent one year apart; needed to get our shit together…… I have written about that as well. The guilt of the leaving has finally left me, and now, I embrace what we have that is stronger than ever before……. I get the same way all day; grinning like a fool at my desk!!!

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