In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Audrey.

WOW.  It is hard for me to find where to begin when discussing Ubuntu when it comes to this woman.  For only having been around for thirty years, she sure has worldly wisdom.  She really knows others, pays attention to detail, and lets you know what she observes.  She doesn’t miss any detail about a person, and I mean ANY.

This woman is definitely my sister of my soul.  She is a person with whom I have been comfortable to share so much of myself, some of which I am surprised that I would be willing to share.  She brings that out in people.  If it is my burden, she tries to relieve it however she can.  Ubuntu, your burden is mine, I am because you are. 

Audrey loves so fully and compassionately.  It doesn’t matter what I have said to her about myself, that may be less than admirable, or that may seem unlovable in my own eyes.  She loves purely and fiercely, which is amazing considering what she has written about some of what she has gone through.  Still, her love light shines through to beam onto whomever crosses her path. 

Audrey is funny.  She is so funny, so funny that I sit and laugh out loud at my desk sometimes!  It looks a little odd, but I cannot help myself; she finds the funny bone in every one of us who read her stuff, and she tickles it every single time.  She seems to have an unending supply of the funnies….. seriously!!!

Audrey is almost beyond description in my mind.  She is a person that is closer to me than I think any person, besides my partner and my biological sister, has ever been to me in my life.  She asks questions, she shows respect, she has a keen mind and catches on quickly to new tasks.  She gives, gives, and gives, and asks so little, no wait, NOTHING, for herself……..

She has encouraged me to write, every day.  I was struggling with it, with making the commitment and taking the time to do it, even though I love to write almost more than anything in the world.  She suggested that I write, just a bit of something, every day, even if not blogging.  I started carrying a notebook in my purse.  It has dozens of ideas for blogs, and for thoughts, and for dreams and letters and goals and hopes. 

I do write every day.  I hardly ever miss anymore.  And my passion for my writing has been rekindled in a way like never before.

Audrey has the most incredible smile!!! Some of her photos that she has posted; I just love what eminates from those smiles; caring, warmth, and compassion.  She is a kindred spirit and she loves the world and those in it.  She will fiercely defend those that try to hurt anyone that she loves, and she believes that no matter what your life circumstance, you deserve love, happiness, dreams, and freedom.

I love her so much.  And, she is Ubuntu.  She is because I am, I am because she is.  We are because all of you are….. the connection never ending….

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Writer. Building my Presence. Becoming aware of Being, and of my Oneness with Life. I Am Life. I Am. 🙏🏻

13 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Audrey.”

  1. I am lost for words and if I were to be saying this out loud I’d be stuttering from here to Timbuktu. This has touched the deepest parts of my heart and soul, thank you for this gift of love!

  2. I gotta tell ya … the love that radiates from your posts is just amazing. Your heart overwhelms.

    Which makes sense of course … because people who love fully and compassionately tend to draw others to them who do the same … thus … your soul sister Audrey!!!!!

  3. Amber: 🙂 The gift was a pleasure to give….

    SF: Please, absorb this light of love that you so willingly give to others…..

    Hayden: So true!!!

    Fitch: I am so glad that you are getting to be connected with her writings, and her works of kindness and love. My soul sister does so much and asks for so little, she is amazing, and I love sharing her with the world!!!

  4. You said it all about Aud. A good soul to the bone. You know how I know she is true African? She will give you everything and never complain. Never ask. Never question. Even when you know that you can give more yourself – Aud will insist that she gives first.

    And she even kissed a Rhino butt scratch rock. And I heard she “passes wind” like a true South African.

    Sorry… I never know when to stop.

  5. HAH! Dear AA I am a medical mystery that fascinates my family who all pass wind, some do it publicly with pride (females I have you know)… I can talk while I burp though (I pretend this so that its real believe believe beeeelieeeeve!)

    Scary AA you described me, I’m like that and told its a fault, never before has it been a compliment. Thanks you

  6. Aud. . . . wow, you really captured the spirit of the girl who lost her sanity then found it again! Sanity Found is always there for us; always lifting us up, giving us hope, giving us laughs and challenging us to be better human beings. Thanks again Vanessa for writing these. Vanessa, our Ubuntu Embassador!

  7. Hey, you missed just one more aspect Vanessa – she is the True Cookie Thief in the True Spirit of Ubuntu as well… 🙂 She loves to motivate people to eat well by showing them the cookies she is always munching on.

  8. Cordie: You know, those words of Ubuntu have resonated with me all weekend; sounds so powerful and humbling….. you are amazing to me, and your strength really gives me pause at times……. thank you so much as ever, for your words of love…..

    Deeps: Thanks for reminding me, although she has spoken lately of maybe having to give up, did I say, GIVE UP her cookies???? She must have been not feeling well that day; yes, that detail is essential, she is the original cookie monster……. LOL…..

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