In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Keep the vision.

As I have grown in my knowledge of self, I realize more and more the power that I have in creating my own reality.  A big part of that is the use of visualization.  Picture it and it happens.  This is firmly what I believe.  I have had a bit of guidance in this area recently, because the biggest barrier that I have had is not realizing how strong the connection to this part of me is.  I think it is essential in terms of the concept of Ubuntu.

Before I started to be so compelled to write, to connect, and to meet so many wonderful people, I felt like an island.  All alone, and in the middle of an ocean, with no other islands, or life in sight.  Then, one at a time, I met people that possessed some of the same traits, characteristics, values, beliefs and passions that I do.  To help others, to connect with the world, to overcome all obstacles, and to learn and grow with the differences among us.  I came to know and to understand that we all possess Ubuntu, that is our connection, and it helps me to feel so much more a part of something really important and vital to the world…….

The more that I have connected, the stronger that I have been able to have vision.  I have been able to have it to an extent for some time in my life, in some aspects.  I have been able to visualize in my head, for example, when I have to take care of a difficult situation,  I will play out the scenario in my head of how it might turn out.  It helps me to cope with the possible results, and also, to be able to SEE myself doing it.  That is really powerful.  It helps to shore up my courage, and to boost my confidence in the fact that I can make it happen.

My visualizing of situations continues to expand, to the point that I involve many senses, not just seeing the picture in my head.  I try to connect to the sounds, smells, touch of that experience.  And, I can visualize bigger now, a bigger influence on the world, on the earth, on others…… and I can see my part in that, feel my part in that, hear it in my ear. 

Lately what I visualize that helps me to tap into my strength and my power is colors.  Pink for my sassy, fun, spirited self.  Cobalt blue for my Virgo, my deep, deep sense of my soul energy.  Red when I feel low and in need of a kick.  Purple to connect to the life force.  Brown if I want cozy, restful moments.  The colors help to strengthen my vision and to connect me more the Universe than I have ever realized before. 


In keeping the vision, as it relates to Ubuntu, it means never giving up hope, always knowing that if you can see it in your heart, soul, and mind, than you can make it happen.  If I can visualize world peace, it can happen.  If I can hold onto my vision of universal love for other humans, than I will make it a reality.  If I can see myself reaching out and touching hundreds of thousands of other human souls, so it will be.


Keeping the vision is a way to keep each other connected, and energized and ready to change the world.  Even though your vision may look a bit different than mine, we can all visualize the change we wish to see in the world.  Without vision, it is too easy to give up, to walk away, and to think it cannot be.


Keep the vision.  Whether it is for new love, new career, new location, or new ways to bring Ubuntu to the world.  Use color, let it ignite your soul and release the potential that rests within…….


Ubuntu, remember to see that I am because you are.  Because, I see it, I know it, I feel it…. and it shall forever be.


7 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Keep the vision.

  1. OK gf what have you been smoking and how the hell come you haven’t been sharing with the rest of us? Aren’t we your family???

    Your writing has really taken on new dimension lately and burns with a new passion. Wow.

  2. Similar to my alien post in the sense that I had my vision but no one seeemed to get it or share it, suddenly the world has opened up and there are so many like souls that share a similar vision to me.

    Beautiful post huns, you definitely are on a roll!

  3. SF: Yes, so many souls, so many kindred spirits now floating around in our little universe to come together with such power and love….. it really overwhelms me at times what we are going to be able to do for this world…… truly awesome…..

    Hayden: Thanks you!!! What I am learning is that every post about Ubuntu and another part of my blogging family, is about me as well; and what I truly see in that person, and feel from that person….. it has been amazing…

  4. Ooooo..there again you spoke about some similarities that we share… Vision and Visualization are the powerful tools that we all already have to go out there and possess what we really want. Along with vision is the feeling what we really want. That fire, and that desire to fight all odds to get it anyways..!

    Another way to explain why I felt this very similar is because of “The Secret” a book by Rhonda Byrne, which talks about forming what you want in terms of moving pictures in your head….that means you are sending out energies to the universe and attracting all that you ever want. 🙂

  5. Deeps: Ahhhh, The Secret….. it has been REALLY big in this country as well; people buying copies by the millions and going crazy for it….. I have not read it, just because it is so much of what I have learned over the years through other means…… I truly believe and know that if you picture it for yourself, you can, indeed, make it happen……..

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