In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Deeps25.

Deeps has been a young woman that has been interesting for me to get to know through her blog.  Interesting and always enlightening.  Her spirit of Ubuntu comes through in the words that she uses in such a loving and genuine way.  She is a person who expresses her love, devotion and loyalty to others without flinching.

That being said, Deeps is also deeply private in many ways.  Even though she posts her thoughts and feelings in her posts, she keeps a bit of herself close, not wanting to give it all away.  She needs to build trust with others, but once she has built that trust, you have a person who is loyal and a friend for life.  I have that feeling about her in only getting to know her through the blogging world……

Deeps has had to face some pretty serious, and frightening events in her life and her country.  Events that I cannot even imagine.  Yet she perseveres….. she gets angry and frustrated in how others feel the need to commit violence, but in that I also sense a real feeling of hope, that all is not lost, and that the world will get better and be peaceful. 

Even though Deeps likes to travel, I think that she likes to have a home base to come back to.  She enjoys adventure, and sees every day as having an opportunity for learning, growing, and then sharing with others.  She also has a great sense of humour and likes to have others laugh…..

Deeps is also a deep thinker I believe; and, I think that she reads many of our blogs without commenting; she likes to mull over what is written, take it in and have it make sense to her, and then write about its influence.  She genuinely cares about this world, and what is happening in it, and wants to spread love and joy to those that she is able to reach.  And, she doesn’t feel like she has to do it alone; she has friends all over the world that she wants to help her share the dream of human connection…….

Deeps is a genuine free spirit, and loving human being…… it is a pleasure to get to know her over these last few months.  And Ubuntu shines through her eyes and her smile….. truly…….


6 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Deeps25.

  1. Wooooowwww Vaneesssaaaaa….What a surprise that I got first thing in the Morning…!!!

    First, Apologies, for not being around for quite sometime now. Trust me to come and comment on all your blogs – the financial turmoil going on has just not left me with any time.

    And MY GOD! I am just stunnneeeddd at this one from you, just imagine me with a Gaping mouth completely soo wide open that I am now scared SF’s Tom Cruise might just jump in 😛 !!!

    Thankkk Youuuu soooooooooo much for this *bowsss down in completely down in Humble Gratitude*. It’s amaazzin how much of me my blog has given away, you have got me bulls eye on there…!!!

    Vanessa, You are a true spokesperson for Ubuntu, no one would be able to signify it as much as you do. Thank You once again. 🙂 *hands out a cookie -keep that away from ISF* 🙂

  2. Amber,

    Thank You soooo mch for that. It’s amazzzin to know all of you folks here!!! Just keeps me going onnnnn with all the inspiration I get from you guys 🙂

  3. Deeps: It is a pleasure; you do what you need to do in life, I trust you will come around when you can….. every word is how I feel, so take it into you and enjoy….. Peace!! v.

    Amber: Thanks honey…….. there is SO much more to come!!!!

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