In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Lindsey.

Even though this young woman is on Sabattical presently, she still deserves her props in terms of what she does for the belief of Ubuntu.  She radiates it for sure.

Lindsey first came to my attention because of her posts about homosexuality and the church.  Now, that wasn’t JUST because I myself am gay, but because her posts are balanced in their approach and their points made.  When Lindsey believes in something, she is like a laser in making her point very clear, and very specific.  She understands all of the subtleties that exist when it comes to discussing any difficult issue, whether it is being gay, abortion, marriage…… she is an equal opportunity blogger. 

Lindsey also has a deep faith, and that is rooted in a soulful love and appreciation for God.  She sees God in the wash basin; in the trees and flowers; in the eyes of her children.  She has such respect for God that she knows that God is in everything that she says, thinks, does and believes.  She relies on that faith in God to help her through difficult times, and to keep present in the moments before her.

However, she is a doubter as well, of the way that things are.  She doesn’t presume to know everything, and she has a LOT of questions about various aspects of life.  And she asks them.  She is willing to learn, to grow, to share, and to better understand.  She is an avid learner, but a teacher as well.  What she knows, or has experienced, she likes to share with others.

All of those aspects describe Ubuntu in all of its glory.  For to emulate and carry Ubuntu as part of our true self, we have to be willing to learn from each other, to teach each other, to respect one another, and to try to gain understanding about others if we do not already have it.  We also have to be willing to look within our own souls, our own selves, in order to offer ourselves to one another more fully and authentically.

And Lindsey is that; authentic.  She doesn’t present herself as a mom who always has it together; who doesn’t have needs that go beyond parenting at home; that she is always a fully believing Christian without doubts.  She struggles at times, with every aspect of her life, her self, her faith.  But she describes those struggles and tells those stories.  She shows us her humanness.

And that is as much about Ubuntu as anything could be.

It is a pleasure getting to know you, friend.


7 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Ubuntu: Lindsey.

  1. I cannot tell you how happy I was to ‘meet’ Lindsey. I could never consider myself ‘Christian’ because of how everyone wanted to slam down the letter of the law but no one wanted to throw down like Christ. Lindsey wants to throw down like Christ.

    I think that’s why her writing is so powerful. It is always motivated by the spirit of Christianity, to be Christian is to be like Christ. (Well, as much as possible anyway.)

  2. First of all… Thank you for writing this one. I agree with every word.

    The thing about Lindsey that I love so much is the fact that although she writes as though she’s 100 years old, she’s really a young person. I have spoken to her, and she’s what you’d expect of a person her age! That surprised me big time!

    Her passion for God inspires me. Her love of teaching and her ability to share the word of God in real terms rather than in some obscure way about how things were done 2000 years ago make me really listen to her.

    Her soul is meant for greatness. She has a gift of writing and I believe that amongst us, it will be she who in the end is published and acknowledged for her love and her light.

    She is a true friend. And to my mind the real definition of a Christian.

  3. This is so flattering! I hardly know what to say. I honestly think it’s easier to cope with criticism than praise.

    I’m so happy to have found the community here on WordPress, you guys have done as much to push me forward in my journey as I have done by sharing it with you.

    thank you!

  4. Hayden: You are so right; throwing it down like Christ; follower of Christ vs. Christian is a very purposeful choice of words….

    Amber: One of the delights about this young woman, Lindsey, is that she is so wise, yet so young in years… but still young in her spirit!!! She rocks!!!

    Lindsey: Even though it is NOT criticism, but well deserved praise, soak it up and hold onto it when you need it the most; it all comes from the heart….

  5. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog! You are always so sweet and kind…not just to me but to all those around you. My cynical grumpy ass needs a shot of your light everyday! I have enjoyed reading about all your “friends” that you profile on your blog. It makes this seem like a small world indeed!

  6. Whatever light exists in my heart and soul, so shall I bring it forward to others…. I try to bring that to those that need it; and that I KNOW can get their lives going…. I really believe in this; Ubuntu, life, love, connection, compassion, faith, hope, resilience….. it all matters and it is all beautiful….

    It is just me, that’s all, I am SO glad that it keeps you going!!!!

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