What are you passionate about?  Where does your energy come from that feeds you?  How do you know what you most deeply care about, what really drives you to do what it is that you do?  To go toward that which you care about the most?

For me, to identify my passions, I read the depths of my soul.  I really listen, I mean, LISTEN, to what my soul is speaking to me.  The values, the tenets that guide me each and every day.  That get me out of bed in the morning.  That bring joy to me in big and small ways.  My passions are service to others; commitment to diversity, inclusion, identity.  My family.  Love.  Learning.  Teaching.  Writing.

What stands between people and their ability to pursue their passions?  Fear.  Fear that they will go in the wrong direction.  Fear that they will forego other duties, obligations, or necessitites by pursuing that which they desire, love, are passionate about.  The thing is:  aren’t you forgoing duties to your SELF by not following, or listening to your passion? 

What I believe happens to us when we do not take the time to identify, and follow our passion, is that parts of us, a vital part, dies inside.  We lose our identity, our depth, our life force, our vitality that feeds our souls, that fires us up to go after life and live it fully and with joy and  vigor. 

We all have passion for SOMETHING.  But, over time, if we lose sight of what that is, it starts to fade, the flame of our passion dies down to an ember.  It is barely visible, we are not even sure at those moments that it is still there, that passion that we have been connected to in the past.  Besides my love for humanity, and my family, and service to others, one of my biggest passions is writing.  Writing has been a vital part of my life since I was in high school, even more so in my college years.  But, for a few years, I lost that passion.  I became caught up in the needs of my life, the struggles that I was experiencing, and did not use my writing as part of my therapy, as an essential part of my life force.  I let it drift away for a very long time.

Now, it is back, it is back with a fury, and the fire is a blazing inferno in my heart and my soul.  And the light shines on and on, and will never dim again.  My life may become busy, demands may weigh on me, I may have other tasks that I need to cater to, but the passions will always be taken care of, will always be answered.

Without following and listening to the passions that reside within my soul, I am an empty vessel, I am less of myself than I have the potential to be.  I cannot be fully available to those tasks that I need to do, or to those that I love the most, if I am not truly living from my soul, and feeding the passions within.


14 thoughts on “Passion.

  1. “Ember’ and “Amber’, what a great connection to make!

    I know one life coach who refers to finding a passion as a ‘spark’. She said it doesn’t have to be all-consuming passion. A spark can be something that merely catches your interest and could probably turn into a blaze.

  2. Hey … I’m back from Japan! And what a wonderful post for me to read upon my return! I got terribly homesick while on my 10 day vacation and, as fate would have it, was continuously reminded that my passion is my family, my home, my friends, my community! Don’t get me wrong; I feel incredibly enriched by my new experiences while traveling through Japan, but oh how my heart ached for home and for my children!

    Yep … my passion (and gratitude) is returning full blaze!

  3. My passion is creative adventures, the energy and peace I gain from holding a paintbrush or a camera knows no bounds. I crave it now but I know I will do it once more, soon.

  4. Hayden: You are so right…. and sound of Amber and ember is just meant to go together….. I didn’t consciously realize that!!! I have also thought of it at times like a spark, and a spark can always ignite and grow…….

    Fitch: WELCOME BACK!!! I have missed seeing you around…….. what a great lesson is knowing what matters to you the most; and to know where you feel the need to be the most. I think that when we think we don’t have a passion for something is when we are not listening closely enough……

    Yes, you will my dear, do all of the things that you are passionate about again very soon…..I know that for sure… mwah!!!

    kwonshe: Life is empty, at least from my point of view, when my flame is not burning bright…..and I am committed to living the most full life that I possibly can…. I don’t want to miss a moment!!!

  5. Thank you, Vanessa, for the inspiration, motivation and guiding light you’ve given me through this post.

    We saw a black bear this september, on holiday in Squamish, BC, Canada!

    It has been our totem for years, and have been saying our son “beertje” – little Bear – since he was born.

    So I will, of course! offer you my huge furry paws in return. : D

  6. Tinkabell: Hey there! I am so excited to hear of your totem, that which connects us all to other living creatures, to the earth, to where we come from in a way. My passion is passion for life, and all aspects that feed me and nourish me fully…….. it is such a blessing!!!

    DM: Yes, link anytime you like; I absolutely love it when we find what connects us here on our blogs, and make those connections without fanfare or whatever…… I have a passion for writing, not for whether or not someone gets more traffic than I do……. after that wore off months ago, I realized that I just love to write, and love to connect, so this is the perfect forum for me to do both!!!

    AA: Yep, we need to care for it gently and lovingly; that which we love can become tiring, but also, become a grind if we do not keep our appreciation for it……… I think that if I had all of the time in the world, I would not appreciate the energy that it gives me as much, but maybe I would just write all that I am meant to…. who knows for sure……

    Prophecy: welcome!!!! Destiny, karma, plans of the Universe…… I truly know that I may have power and control over the choices that I make in my life, but believe that how the roads of my life converge over time feels like it is totally out of my hands, and when I meet others, or have a certain event in my life happen, I end up being surprised at the same time that I am not……I hope that you will visit again soon!!!!

  7. Woow. Passion…sooo manyy things come to my mind when I think about that…I am passionate about people…and therefore get so easily connected with anything and everything to do with them…! The fact that it is people, sometimes it is a walkin on glass – don’t hurt your ownself nor hurt them. 🙂

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