Boundless Love.

I absolutely love my daughter.  She is a miracle.  Our gift from God.  And on most days, gratefully, I look at her and still see the beauty of that miracle.  That miracle in all of its glory.

There are so many wonderful moments that we have together, or that I am just watching her living her life.  When she is reading intently a book that she cannot take her nose out of, I think of her as a small toddler, sitting in the corner by the couch for hours, with her pile of board books that she had unlimited access to.  When I see her offer her kindness to a friend in a very genuine way, I think on how generous that she has been her whole life.  Always giving of herself, with no reservation.

I love to watch her enjoying life, whether she is sledding down the hill in the backyard, or playing ball with her dog, or we are playing a board game together or watching a movie, her beautiful spirit shines right through.  She smiles, and it completely blows me away, because it comes straight from the depths of her soul.  It is genuine and heartfelt, always.

She is so young to me, yet, growing up faster than I care to think about.  Some days, she seems so little to me still.  Some days, I only wish her to be, so she will be able to stay close, and not yet wandering out of my grasp.  I remember so fondly holding her close to me, rocking for hours, falling asleep in the chair with her close, carrying her everywhere, because she loved to be carried, and I loved having her close.  Having her hug me to this day so tight that she steals my breath with her grip.  Looking deeply into my eyes when I need to talk to her about something serious.  Never wavering……..

I love her questions.  She questions everything, and I answer.  We both do.  She likes that, she appreciates that.  Because she knows that she will always get honesty from us both. 

She loves to get little surprises, things that we bring home for her after work.  A magazine, a snack, some mail.  She loves it, and she expresses so much gratitude, hugging so tightly and thanking over and over again. She has a true sense of appreciation of what is given to her.  She knows how to show that, and it is always sincere.  That is a gift that I love to see showing itself.

She really is a gift my God, my earth angel, that for which I am eternally grateful and desperate at times to watch out for and protect.  Boundless love.  Wings that I love to hold, but need to fly.  Spirit that soars and beauty that abounds. 

I feel so blessed.


9 thoughts on “Boundless Love.

  1. thanks Hayden; it DEFINITELY gets modelled for her, that is for sure….. she is the testament to others that we are not freaks and that we CAN and ARE raising a happy, healthy, loving and well adjusted child……

  2. When my niece was this young, it was such a humbling feeling to play with her, hear her emotions and complete unconditional love. They sometimes just change you completely.

  3. No doubt in my mind that part of the reason why your daughter is indeed so special has to do with the manner in which she is being raised!

    *Sigh* Where does the time go? My children are now aged 20 (son) and 13 (daughter) and I swear all I did was blink …

    It all goes by so fast … I so so miss being able to cradle them in my arms like I did when they were newborns!

  4. Deeps: It is SO about unconditional love….. and there is no doubt that I am forever changed because of her presence in my life. I literally cannot imagine my life without her….

    Fitch: I know, it seems like the more I blink, the more I realize that ten years have gone by….. even though I don’t rock her anymore, or even hold her much because she is pulling away some, I still grab her hand when we are driving in the car……. I will write on that.

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