I looked in the mirror this morning when I got to work, and the word that came to mind of the person looking back at me?  Shiny……

I shine today.  Maybe it is because the snow is lightly falling outside.  Maybe it is because I am celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with my in laws, and my family, and then seeing my family again on Friday and Saturday.  Maybe it is because the holiday spirit is hanging thickly in the air.

Or, maybe it is all of that self love coming through, coming right out of my pores…..

Over most of my adult lifetime, I have been reflective, pensive, thoughtful, engaged in a process of self knowledge and evaluation.  Sometimes, that process has seemed to come with relative ease.  Other times, it has been extremely difficult.  Sometimes, what I have discovered about me has been a surprise, other times it has been quite predictable.

But never, never in my whole life up to this point, of right now in this moment, have I seen what I saw in the mirror this morning.  Light.  Love.  Being.  Presence.  Calm.  Peace.


The last few weeks of my life journey have been some of the most challenging work so far in my neverending journey to the soul.  Challenging but completely worthwhile.  I have had to look with brutal honesty upon my self and how I behave.  How I react and respond.  What signals I send out to others.  What I bring to myself in terms of energy.  In the last few weeks, I have gone from being a teacher to a student of life.  That is no easy task with me, because I love giving others what I have learned.

But, often in my life, I have forgotten that, I need to learn as well.  Sometimes, more than I anticipated.  And, sometimes from the sources that I didn’t expect. 

Last night, I decided that there is no time like NOW to give myself pampering, love, attention and affection.  I blasted my favorite tunes and danced in the living room.  I drew a bath.  I lit a candle.  I made a cup of tea.  I put on lotion that I hadn’t used in awhile that smells so sweet and pure.  I read, I wrote, I listened, and I spoke.

If the moments were much better, as I am now appreciating them, I don’t know what I would do!!!!

And today, I shine.  I really do.  It absolutely overwhelms me. 

Okay, that brings me to yet another song, I just gotta do it…….


Shine on, happy people!!! Shine on!!!!!!!



13 thoughts on “Shiny!!!

  1. This song made my day. How appropriate. We all have to have those ups and downs in order to get “shiny.” I’m so happy for you. It sounds like your going to have a very good holiday weekend. I wish you peace and love. Here’s to you Vanessa *clink*

  2. I loved reading your post and the song just gave me a little jump in my step. It seems like you have found yourself and once we realize who we are, slowly but surely, life really does “shine” 🙂 I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and yes, the snow is beautiful right now. Shine on 🙂

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