It’s A Wonderful Life!

This movie of the same title is one of my most favorite movies of all time.  James Stewart.  Donna Reed.  The story of a man who feels like he has been ripped off, not gotten what he wanted most of his life, and doesn’t see the good that he has done, or that he has in his life.  It is only when he is shown the life that would have been, without his presence on this earth, that he realizes how important he has been to the world.  Until he realizes that he had a pretty wonderful life.

How many of us do such an inventory long before it is due to some tragedy, some loss, some hardship that we are facing?  Why do we wait to look at all of the blessings and beauty that we have, within us, before us, among us, when that recognition deserves to be brought to this very moment, right now, today?

Beats me……….

If you had to look back upon your existence, and count the number of people that you have encountered, whose lives you have touched in some way, would that number go to infinity?  Can you even possibly imagine how many others you have affected by your actions, your presence, your gifts, your service, your kindness and compassion?

Your Ubuntu?

Do you realize who you are to the world?  You are strong.  You are powerful.  You are magical.  You are loving, kind, resourceful, funny, timid, terrific, smart, witty, imaginative, encouraging, nurturing, demanding, faithful, honest, trusting, loyal, strong, emotional, fearless, fearful, joyful, exotic, unique, blessed.

You are all of those many things and so much more.  For every person that enters your life that you touch in some way, that influence then is carried on to those that they encounter. 

Did you ever really think about it in that way?  Imagine.  Imagine that the person with whom you chatted in line at the grocery store is so inspired by your kindness, that they smile a little more with their family that night; their family members go about their day with smiles on their faces, and gifts for those that they encounter.  And so it goes…..

When we think about the lives that we have touched, and that have in turn, touched our own, or passed on what we have left with one another, can changing the world be that far away?

There are so many days and nights that I think about how vast and insurmountable the odds of the world seem to be; how do we begin to solve world hunger?  Homelessness?  HIV and AIDS?  War?  Poverty?  Child Abuse?

One person at a time, and that person passes it on, and so on, and so on, and so on……

We possess so much capacity for love and for change.  Why not combine the two?  By sharing of yourself, of your time, your talent, your gifts and your service, you show another person how much a human is capable of giving of themselves.  You send a message, you set an example.  And you instill the hope that we all might just do the same.  Is it really that impossible to envision that we could all make this happen?

George Bailey didn’t see just how many people he had helped and brought along with him on his journey through life, until he saw what the world would have looked like without him in it.  Don’t wait for that moment.  Show the world who you are and what you can offer right now.  Today.

Don’t wait. 


8 thoughts on “It’s A Wonderful Life!

  1. This is one of my favorite movies too. It is said that a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan can affect us here in the United States…similar to a pebble being thrown into a lake causing ripples to extend outwards. We touch all who enter in our lives.

  2. So true. It’s amazing how many people wait (me included) until personal tragedy strikes before we realize how good our life is? it’s so important to realize it on a daily basis. I know I try to! I also love It’s a Wonderful Life! What a great movie. 😀

  3. Hey! Welcome back!!! I am glad that you are feeling better…..

    Funny thing? After I wrote this yesterday, I was feeling kind of punchy myself, like I have a cold or a something coming on. This movie is the one that I wanted to watch…… but ended up falling asleep instead.

    The season is young, I will end up watching it at least a couple of times….

  4. It is so true that we often don’t count our blessings when we should. I love the smiling at someone in the grocery store line. I do believe it’s true that what we do affects others in small ways.

    Great movie and great post.

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