It is almost time!!!!!

Eleven years ago today, I went to work like any other day, except that on any other day I wasn’t within three days of my due date for the arrival of our daughter.  I felt okay, but a bit more tired than usual.  As the day wore on, I started to feel a bit symptomatic, but since I had never given birth before, I wasn’t really sure what seemed normal and what didn’t, what might be signs of movement and what wasn’t.  I decided that just to be safe and be able to rest, I would begin my maternity leave from work on that day. 

My mom was flying in from Virginia to be with us for the birth of our daughter.  Keep in mind, she made her reservation months in advance, convinced that I would be delivering right on my due date, December 6.  How she knew that, I have no idea.  A mother thing, I guess!!! So, I left work, left for my three month leave, drove to the airport and picked up my mom, and off we went to home.

That night, I was up almost all night, feeling like I might be having contractions, but not quite sure.  I couldn’t lay down, I couldn’t sleep.  Jamie woke up, and I was sitting up, leaning my back against the wall on the bed.  She says to this day I looked like Buddha.  My body was preparing, yes it was…… our baby was readying to arrive…….

Tomorrow is another day…….


4 thoughts on “It is almost time!!!!!

  1. She is our earth angel……..

    I am so glad to share these stories, because even though my memory does not always serve me well, when it comes to details of our beauty’s arrival, the image is permanently imprinted upon us……..

    Thank you for appreciating how special this is, how special she is…….

    She is SO excited for tomorrow, as you can imagine!!!!

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