5000 hits!!!!

Who would have thunk it????

Not me.  I am humbled and so pleased that so many persons stop by to read what I have to say….. it really feels so connected….

Here is to the next 5000!!!!


10 thoughts on “5000 hits!!!!

  1. Holy carambas this one snuck up on me this is soooo awesome huns congratulations!!! Whooohoooooooo!!! *does partay dance of note*

    There is a reason why so many are reading your blog… they see the talent that we see and love love love you! Mwah!

  2. Congrats on the hits! We’ve got to have a hit party! Party over here! You go girl – it’s a demonstration of your talent and compassion coming back full circle! Ubuntu!

    PLL, CordieB

  3. Congrats on 5,000 hits. I’m sure it is because you write so well, and have such a great perspective on things. Here’s to hoping for 5,000 more. 😀

  4. SF, Hayden, Joy, Amber, Cordie, DM, gypsyheart, psychscribe, and leah……

    Thank you!!!!!!

    Some of my favorite people, you all are, and thanks for your support and readership over the last few months…. this is such an amazing journey, reading and learning and seeing my own growth. And, humbling for all of you, such talented writers and totally AWESOME people, to keep coming back!!!!

    You totally blow me away……

    Peace out, humans!!!!! MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!

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