One more day!


My mom had arrived the day before, and I had spent the entire night waiting, in discomfort, and wondering if indeed, this was the time.  So, that morning, as soon as the household was up and around, we went to the hospital.  I got hooked up to the monitor, and our baby was fine, had a really good heartbeat, and I was just status quo, not much happening.

They encouraged me to walk around, to see if that would bring on anything.  I was hungry, but was told not to eat ANYTHING.  In case they had to do any kind of emergency procedures.  So, we went to the coffee shop for my mom and Jamie to get some coffee and food, and I just had a BIT of a bagel.  No harm, right?  Well, all would have been well and good, except that a nurse spotted me and ratted me out……


Ice chips or lollipops.  Big deal……

So, I went back up to the room, and after another hour or so, they sent me home.  Not ready yet.  But, come back if I need to. 

So, we went off to home.  I just kind of relaxed, my bag had been packed for weeks, and was in the car, but the waiting was strange.  Waiting for what you knew was going to happen, eventually…….

I started having real contractions about three hours after we got home.  No mistaking these…….. the real deal.  I tried to shower.  I walked, with Jamie with me, up and down the road in front of the house about a dozen times.  I didn’t want to go back until I knew that I was really, REALLY ready.  It was uncomfortable.  I was a bit scared.  But I just kept walking.

Finally, about 4:30 PM, we called the doctor, and we told her the status, and she told us to go to the hospital.  It was sounding as if we were readying for it, for real.

We all went in tow to the hospital, got a nice room, and got comfortable.  I watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.  I had a lollipop or two.  They had me do some more walking.  That helped a bit. 

Then, I REALLY progressed.  The pain really amped up then.  Don’t get me wrong, every discomfort was worth it, but I didn’t want to be in so much pain that I would be scared, or not confident to get through it.  So, I asked for drugs.  BOY, did that help…….. but then I had some medical issues occur:  my blood pressure dropped WAY too low; I almost passed out; our little one’s heartbeat kept slowing down; it was all strange and bizarre and absolutely frightening.  I think I was a bit too dopey to realize how scared I really should have been. 

The stroke of midnight came and went, and our little being still hadn’t made its appearance.  But only hours from now…….


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