A Day Without Gays.


Think about it. 

What would our world, our lives, our workplace look like without this aspect of diversity in it?

The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is more organized than ever, asking LGBT persons, and allies, to call in “gay” to work today, and to offer their time as volunteers for an LGBT organization, or offer their time and talents in some other way.  If we cannot call off from work, which I did not, we can refrain from making purchases today, not spend our money.  Or, we can build bridges…….

Educate and reach out to those that may not have a full understanding of who we are as individuals, what equal marriage means to us, or how to have a better perception of who we really are.

We are mothers, daughters, workers, helpers, organizers, lovers, partners, parents, givers, receivers, church goers, contributers………….

We love, and so we are.

This day has made me think of this song from so many years ago, which seems to say it all to me.

Love really CAN build a bridge……..


4 thoughts on “A Day Without Gays.

  1. It won’t be forever…as your previous video showed, at one time it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry …and now we have a black (well, half black though for some reason that is generally not acknowledged) president elect. Some day we will have a gay president. Can you even imagine??!!!! 🙂

  2. I think in my wildest imaginings I can……… I think of Harvey Milk and realize that he started much of this movement without even realizing it; living an open life because that was the right thing……..

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