Peace. On Earth.



Peace on earth.  Peace.  On Earth.   Is there really such a thing?  Peace.  On Earth. 

I think so. 

Who can dispute that there is war everywhere in this world?  People that die each and every day for a cause? 

Yet, I have the audacity to say that there IS peace.  On earth.

Yep, there is.

Within me, around me, there is peace.  On Earth.  In my life.

Within, it feels like peace of knowing self, of loving self, of feeling contented and cared for and loved and secure.


To me, peace is not just a word to say, a symbol to show with two fingers.  It is not a concept that rings hollow with me, for it really means something.

It means peace.  On earth.  To love one another.  To show others what it is that we hold most close and dear in our hearts.  It means living with passion and purpose and meaning, and feeling fulfilled.  It means giving to others as we can; it means being selfless and committing random acts of kindness and goodness and love.

Peace.  On earth. 

It means having an immense appreciation for the vivid cultural landscape of our world, embracing those beautiful, unique qualities that we possess, and giving the world a great big hug.  It means seeking understanding of those things we know not about, just because it matters to know what matters to others.



Peace.  On Earth.  Make it happen.  Go give a hug.  Call a friend.  Sit and have a glass of wine while you look at your tree.  Examine your soul.  Open up your heart.

Peace.  On Earth.




Make it happen……

Peace.  On Earth.


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