Reflection and resolve.

In one way, it is so hard to believe that 2009 is actually here.  It really seems so recent that we hit the new millenium, Y2K and all of that panic.  I was always told that time goes faster and faster as you age, and that is so true.  I don’t lament the passage of time, it just amazes me how it passes.  But, the important part for me, is the quality of the passing.  How did I spend that fast-paced year, doing what I love, or just coasting through?

Over the course of the past few days, I have been thinking long and hard on the past year, 2008, and all that has happened and become in those twelve months.  My family has become closer than ever.  Time together has become a priority.  My love and I have found open communication, and I have learned that not every disagreement indicates trouble between us.  I have learned the difference between having a job and a career.  I have met so many new friends and rekindled that love I have for writing.  And, I have remembered how to dream.  Especially when those dreams are not particularly practical, I have learned to embrace them and dream about those dreams once again. 

So now, 2009 has arrived.  I don’t really believe in resolutions for myself; they really don’t work, past the first few weeks of intense commitment.  What I have instead is a steady resolve to keep living my life as fully and passionately as I am learning to do.  I don’t have to say it out loud, or write it down, or make a contract with myself.  I just have to keep moving forward, moment to moment, and living in that moment fully and taking all that I have from that moment with me.  I have refreshed my suitcase, packed for a new year, a new set of adventures and destinations.  I find that the further that I go along in my life, the less that I have to take with me in that suitcase, for those items that I really need the most are carried in my heart.  My love, my joy, my connection to the Universe, my passion- I don’t need physical reminders in my bag for those values that I hold deep. 

I found an idea from a reader over at another blog this week, that I like for the New year.  That is, to pick a word or phrase that can almost be a touchstone; bring us back to what we want to focus on for the time to come.  So, I thought about it.  My first word that I thought of was “believe”; my sister has fallen in love with this word during this holiday season.  Then, the next one that I thought of as a good choice was “create”; to remind me to keep my creative mode active and vital, and to keep creating my life, moment by moment.

However, I thought about what I really want to do, and how I really want to do it.  And, what I came up with is REVOLUTION.  So, I am having a revolution resolution.  Revolution because I want to be a mover and a shaker, and I am to a certain extent already.  I want to get things going, I want to ride my momentum that got a jump start big time this past year, and ride on the wave of it.  I want to motivate others.  I want to teach.  I want to protest and wave a banner and yell and chant.  I want to laugh and cry and connect with the world.  I want a change, a change for the world.  I want peace.  I want joy.  I basically want it all.  As I shall have it. 


So, I am honoring both the ending of this past year, and the beginning of the new.  I am keeping a scrapbook in my heart of all that was held in the past year of renewal, reflection, knowledge and love.  And, I am holding it dear.  I am also giving it the respect it deserves for what part it will play in what comes next, and next, and next……….

I am ready for the new magic to happen………..

Happy New Year everyone.


13 thoughts on “Reflection and resolve.

  1. Vanessa. magic is waiting to happen.

    Happy New Year!

    2009 may have its moments of surprises, challenges, triumphs, tribulations, highs and lows but through our combined efforts we can leave our marks on it.

    We can all make our small contributions to make this year a better year. Let the cumulative effect works its wonder, we just have to come together.
    So, you contribute by just writing away.

    Have a Great Year! Make a Great Year!

  2. Happy New Years huns, May 2009 be all that you dreamt it would be, may it be filled with love, laughter and happy memory making moments and of course the odd snowball fight (of course tsk)


  3. novice101: Thank you!!! I believe that I will face challenges and joys in this coming year, and I feel ready and able to handle whatever comes my way. I feel my own greatness beginning, and look forward to every moment of it.

    Peace to you, and thanks for stopping by!!!

    SF: THank you my dear sister……. I hope it is all you are dreaming of as well!!! ANd, you can bet you will get a few snowballs from me!!!!

  4. Fantastic! It is time for action – not for sitting and waiting for something to happen.. It’s when you take action – when you follow your inner voice – that’s when the Magic Happens..

    I have added you to my blogroll, I hope you don’t mind..

  5. Happy New Year Ness! I’m so delighted to have met you last year. . . I have enjoyed your writings and they have given the opportunity to see things in another light; one that is much more enlightening. . . I thank you for your light.

    Blessings for 2009. Ubuntu!!!

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours Vanessa. I love this line more than I can say:

    My love and I have found open communication, and I have learned that not every disagreement indicates trouble between us.

    That is such a good thing to remember. My best wishes and hopes for your family in 09.

  7. Cordie: It has been my pleasure!!! Your words have inspired me and helped me to see the lighter, peaceful side when I need to. Thanks for your friendship!!!!

    Joy: I am so blessed to have learned the lessons of life and relationships. Not everything is a tragedy, and we have the ability to work out anything…..

    Thanks for your support!!!!

  8. Create and believe, love those “touchstones”, I carry them in my heart.

    I add: keep on moving, experiment, without worrying about errors or consequences.


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