Discover your own magic!

I have not always had my act together.  I have not always felt such a full, heart centered connection to my life, to the moments of my days.  I have not had this awakening handed to me.  It came to me after actively saying, I am ready.  It is time.  Now is the moment that I say “yes” to this.  To bliss and freedom and truth.  I had to become ready to discover my own magic that I possessed all along.

That path to self awareness and a heart on fire with passion and purpose had its moments of complete joy, as well as intense pain.  I celebrated births of my nephews and niece.   I graduated from high school, from college, from graduate school.  I had professional success.  I got hired at my undergraduate alma mater.  I met the woman of my destiny.  We had our baby girl.

There was plenty of heartache and intense loss as well.  I struggled with addiction.  I went to counseling, twice.  I endured an unfaithful partner.  I considered suicide, more than once.  I became very ill.  I lost my grandparents, my brother.  I had my heart broken again and again.

Today, right now in this moment, I know that all of those experiences in my life, joy and tears, served the purpose of bringing me to the right here and right now.  However, besides learning the lessons, I had to realize that I deserved the goodness; that I deserved to dream and have those dreams fulfilled.  I had to discover my own magic, that which existed inside of me all along.

We all possess it you know.  That magic, that spark, that heart fire that leads us to greatness.  You see, I have met so many talented, gifted individuals in my life.  My belief is that we all have that potential and destiny for greatness, and that those persons we meet or encounter in our lives that seem exceptional, are that way because they have discovered their own magic.  They listen to that soul force of spirit, they feed the fire of their hearts, and as a result, the magic shows itself to the world.  Things like that don’t just happen.  We play an integral part of whether the magic happens, or if it doesn’t happen. 

Can you just try to imagine for a moment, what this world would be like, what it would look like, what it would feel like, if we all had already discovered our own magic, and were using it in the world?  What  a different world we would live in.  For when you discover your own magic, colors are brighter, sounds are more distinct, parts of your Universe that were previously missed are in your immediate awareness.  Because we would be living from our hearts, living in total truth, we would get along better.  We wouldn’t be so afraid to talk about how we feel, or what we want.  Truth would be a forethought in our minds and hearts.  We would be on fire every moment of our lives.  And, the fire would be contagious to one another.

We would live with open hearts, and offer our love as strongly as we crave it for ourselves.  Thing is, we wouldn’t have to want for it either.  Because there would be so much to go around, no one would want for it.  Magic.  Enough for all.

I know that the path that I have yet to follow, or paths, in this life will be fraught with joy, pain, sorrow and bliss.  I know that there will be times when I will feel discouraged and not strong enough to go on.  But, I will always be able to go on, to fully embrace whatever comes my way.  The magic is in me, my heart is open, and I am ready for the world to love me, and for me to love the world.  And, most importantly, to love myself. 

I have discovered my magic, and now that I have that awakened in the deepest part of me, I will never, ever let it go. 

Let your magic happen. 



20 thoughts on “Discover your own magic!

  1. ggw_bach: welcome! So glad that you stopped by. I totally agree; we all have the potential, we just have to wake it up and believe in it. Sound simple? In my mind, it is……

    Fibi: Thank you so much; for your words and for being here……. this place feels magical to me as well!

  2. Awww, Hayden, thanks you!!! It really has been so amazing so far……..

    Sometimes, my words and the thoughts that come from my heart elicit fear in others; fear of what they do or don’t possess; fear of my vulnerability, other things I am sure. I wanted to let those persons know that this has been a process for me, that I have had to, and will continue, to face hard times, and joy, and this is the result.

    I took it all by the reins and said, “Let’s go!”

  3. Thanking you on behalf of certain persons…

    This thought has been on my mind: I wish to show our children this magic – then we need not fear disappointment when unveiling Santa type secrets.

    Here’s to a magical 2009!

  4. This was very powerful. I was going to say it’s to bad we can find the magic when we’re younger but then I thought, it’s better late than never. Great post V.

  5. Lovely Post!

    I’m imagining what the world would be like if we all (if I) discovered our own magic! What a beautiful world it would be.

  6. brightlightwarriornika: What a name- I love it!!! Welcome, and thank you so much for visiting; I am so glad that my words ring true and meaningful with you…..please, come back anytime!! Peace, V.

    Deeps: you are so right! We just need to learn to focus on our strengths and not beat ourselves up so much!!!!

    Amber: I am sparkling, and shimmering!!!! Love you!

  7. What a beautiful post. I think it’s such a good thing to look back on all you’ve experienced because it is exactly why you are the way you are now. I know we’ve all gone through difficult times, and questioned why, but adversity makes us all the stronger. I’m happy to hear you are in a good place now. 😀

  8. Hey Leah! happy new year! Thanks for that; yes, that which we struggle with only makes us stronger, and my wish for all those whom I admire and love, is that they see, truly see, the beauty within themselves that I see shine through so magically…..

    BTW, are you staying warm there? Bundle up, don’t let those extremities show!!!!

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