I went for my walk yesterday at work during my lunch hour.  We have had winter weather all weekend; go figure!!!! Anyway, it has been a combination of snow and ice falling for the last week or so.  Needless to say, the scenery is absolutely amazing right now.  Trees, covered in snow, some with ice, and white as far as the eye can see.  Just like walking through Narnia.

And, it shimmers. 

You know how there are words, that when you say them, illicit the sound that the word signifies?  That is what shimmer does for me.  It just occurred to me as the best word to describe what I saw as I was walking.  The world is shimmering.  Ice, snow, white and clear.  And yesterday, shimmer even had a sound to it, as the icicled branches clicked against one another.  It even made a shimmer sound.

Now, I could have easily walked right through this world and never given it a second thought.  Just another winter day in the Pocono Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania.  But, in my mind, that would have been an opportunity just slipping right away.  I had to capture it, appreciate it, savor it.  That shimmer that stayed with me all day.

As many of you know, my beloved is an artist.  So, I have come to know a bit more than a little over the years about paint, ceramic, color, design.  And what I know about the color white, is that it is not a color at all.  White is the total absence of color.  Really.

Well, even in the absence of color, the world exploded with life and color and design and beauty.  Surrounded by white, I really was overcome with how beautiful the world around me was shimmering, and aglow with its own magnificence.

Think about your internal and external world.  Is it the total absence of color at first glance?  Nothing really of note?  Look again.  Breathe in the beauty of your worlds.  Examine how the aspects of those worlds work together, even without our intervention.  Listen to the shimmer of the branches.  Appreciate the absence of color as beauty in and of itself.  Take a walk through Narnia.  Imagine a world for yourself that is brighter, lighter, intense and vibrant with life.  Imagine it, and it can be.

Allow the shimmer that exists in the world, in your world, and the world around you, to shine through.  Take it in, and then remember it.  Take it with you always.  Let the shimmer flow out of you, and shine onto others.  You can do it, you have to do it!

Shimmer on, my beauties, shimmer on. 



17 thoughts on “Shimmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What beautiful words. I love Shimmer. It’s a great word. We are really cold here today. -31 this morning at 6:30 am. I wouldn’t use that word for here today!!

  2. I love shimmer!!! On my lips or my clothes. I’m looking outside right now and it is absolutely beautiful. That’s the best kind of shimmer!! The snow resting on the branches. I have a lake right across the road and it’s like nothing I could ever imagine growing up (I grew up in Cali!!)I love seeing the little animal tracks in the snow, the paths we make for Bailey…I love it all! I live in the winter wonderland I dreamed of as a little girl…this is my Narnia…my heaven!

  3. I see it right now as you describe it, Nikki! That is so awesome…… I have grown up on the east coast my whole life, in New England and PA, and we have plenty of shimmer, six months out of the year!!!!

    It affects me so deeply, it is amazing!!!!

  4. Hmmm… Shimmer… Reminds me of the movie “The Lion King” with one of the hyenas (I think it was played by Whoopie Goldberg) when saying Mufasa’s name – they got shivers up and down their spine..

  5. 😦 We never have snow out here and how I crave to play in it all wrapped up. We are just having a normal bearable winter here with cold winds flowing in here and there occasionally. This is amazing!

  6. 😦 We never have snow out here and how I crave to play in it all wrapped up. We are just having a normal bearable winter here with cold winds flowing in here and there occasionally. This is amazing!

  7. Otto Mann: Welcome!!!! Yes, my parents are on the gulf coast there, but they don’t miss the snowy winters of New England one bit!!!

    I hope that you will visit again soon! Peace, V.

    Fibi: It is definitely a word that sounds as it is, if that makes sense…, on my drive in, with a bit of the ice on the trees having melted a bit, and the sun shining through, it is icicles all over….just amazing…… thanks you!!!!

    Deeps: When you are in the US, come visit me in PA, and I will educate you on a Northeastern winter…… you will never forget it!!!!

  8. Oh the world is most beautiful isn’t it. Sometiems, I feel the shimmer you speak of is that of God speaking directly to my soul. It is a wonderous feeling. . . a feeling that brings shimmers to my whole being. The beauty of all of creation. . .tis so magnificant!

    This is a beautiful posting. . . a most beautiful reminder to us to absorb the shimmer in life in the allness of life! Thanks so much for another beautiful inpirtion and aspiration!

    Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB. Mwah!

  9. Thanks for checking in, serendipity……… we are staying warm here; it is back up in the 30’s today, but we had two or three days of subzero temps. My friends in Minnesota are more chilly where they are. I just keep adding extra layers!

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