I feel bubbly, light, and so hopeful and renewed.  Our new President, President Obama, has been sworn in and begun the tasks at hand.  He inspires and renews me, with a sense of purpose and drive, and creativity, and HOPE.  Not as a buzz word, but hope as it truly means, that the future is bright, that today is good, that whatever we want from life is possible.

Talk about being a dreamer.  Dreamers get a bad rap I think.  I gave dreaming a bad rap years ago, when it became apparent that I needed to be living in the real world:  parenting a child; being a partner; having to work a couple of jobs, if not more, at a time to make ends meet.  Paying two mortgages for a year.  Getting through grad school.  Work demands.  Health demands.  There was no more time for the dreams of the past.  I had let them go, and without resentment, I just didn’t think that I cared about them anymore.  I guess because I didn’t.

Thankfully, as I have written about here, I woke up from that stupor.  I realized that no matter what demands we put upon ourselves, or the outside world puts upon us, there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS room for our dreams.  And, if we say there is not, then we are sadly depriving ourselves of joy.  Plain and simple.  Who said that to possess a dream means that it has to come to fruition in the moment that we dream it?  That is to what end I diminished the need for my dreams in the past.  I told myself that I didn’t need to hold onto them if I wasn’t fulfilling them at that moment.  I was sadly mistaken.

However, no room in my life for regret.  So, several months ago, I got back to the business of dreaming.  And, I don’t just dream, I am making my dreams real.  Much like President Obama.  Much like many of my friends here.  I am living my dreams.  Every moment of every day.

What are those dreams?  Dreams of world peace. Dreams of connecting with the world on a very human level.  Dreams of writing a book, starting a business.  My biggest dream?

I am going to change the world, in a big way.  I am going to touch it ever so gently, but firmly, so that my presence here will never be forgotten. 

I am going to hug and console and greet as many humans as I possibly can.

I am going to still my soul and be as peaceful within as possible.

I am going to work out of my home, care for my animals, and have as many family moments as I can fit in.

I am going to live every moment of every day of my life, not waiting for my dreams to happen, but as if they already are.  That is, to truly live.

I think this post began as being about our new President because, I had forgotten about how essential our dreams are to our life, to our literal survival.  I wrote a poem years ago, actually twenty five years ago, while I was in college.  Although sitting here I do not recall its entirety, what I do remember is this:

If you are to survive,

then you must first dream.

For it is the dreamer that strives for the impossible,

while the realist struggles with the possible.

So true. 

Hope.  Audacity.  Tenacity.  Honesty.  Curiosity.  Diversity.  Change.  I see all of these aspects as essential to pure joy in life.

But none of those can be without our dreams.

Live the life of your dreams, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


15 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Lol weird I dreamt about this last night and have started writing it down (but we’ll see as always how it goes).

    We can never be without our dreams, when they have left us we are dead.

    Beautiful post huns!

  2. I love love love this!!! I was not a Obama supporter, however he is growing on me. He seems gentle and smart and very definite. If I’ve gotten anything out of what has happened it is this…Anyone can dream and dreams can come true. I feel proud to know anyone can be the President of our great country, regardless of sex, race or religion. Our common thread is we all dream! Great post! *hugs* 🙂

  3. I like you, also gave up dreaming a long time ago. Dreaming was for those without college loans, a mortgage, and a car payment. But the older I get, the more I realize just how important it is to dream.

    One of my favorite quotes about dreams is by George Bernard Shaw. . .

    You see things and you say why? But I dream things that never were, and say, why not?

  4. Its a great post Vanessa. I love the dreams you listed…. now its being organized to make a plan so that they happen.

    Sending you hugs… you are never far from my thoughts gf…. so proud of you!

  5. Fibi: Thanks you! Dreams are the essence of our lives, I truly believe that. When we stop dreaming, we stop living fully. Hugs!

    SurfaceEarth: I am so glad; that is my goal, to remind all of us how precious dreaming is, and that to remain forever hopeful. That is powerful!

    Amber: As you are often in mine; right there, prompting me and keeping me on track. Your voice in my head awakened my own voice, and I am forever grateful for your “presents” in my life……

    Now, I am regifting, as instructed……

    Love you! V.

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