Thank you, thank you, thank you, with a heart full of gratitude and love……

I feel humbled, blessed, and totally moved within the depths of my soul to have such friends and family here,  in each of you.  For you to come forward and give so freely to me, and to my friend, is a blessing.  I expected no less; and you are right, it is difficult at times to ask for what I need, especially comfort, without sounding to myself like I am being self centered.  I knew in my heart each of you would understand, and I felt each and every hug and prayer as if you were right here in front of me.

I am eternally grateful for all that each of you bring to my life, every single day.

I love you, truly.



12 thoughts on “Thank you, thank you, thank you, with a heart full of gratitude and love……

  1. Nikki: Thanks you! I found these by happenstance, but not I guess… meant to be. I also put the pic on my post, “Perfect Strawberry Love”; it is just right for that one also…….

    Hayden: Thank you so much! I feel that squeeze!

  2. You inspire me, too – yesterday I was given such warmth, such treasure… rejoice @ if you like –

    “just” the joy of writing together. Pat Schneider inspired me with her book and method, but you helped me over the threshold with your encouragement and warmth! And with the powerful, palpable joy we all experience here.

    Yesterday’s gift almost feels like ‘the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh’, when thinking of your friend.

    I must say, the interview in the Pakistani blog was amazing, too: we have even more in common than I thought – I have worked in the social field, too (with unemployed).

    Somehow, that real life string strengthened my faith in myself, I share somewhat reluctantly and bashfully… (bashful! thank you ABBA for teaching me English! 😉 I don’t remember the song’s title, but do recall Agneta singing she was a bashful child…)

    Big up!

  3. PS Name of the game, the words do seem to apply:

    I was an impossible case
    No-one ever could reach me
    But I think I can see in your face
    Theres a lot you can teach me
    So I wanna know……

    What’s the name of the game?
    Does it mean anything to you?
    Whats the name of the game?
    Can you feel it the way I do?
    Tell me please, cause I have to know
    Im a bashful child, beginning to grow

    !! could we say the answer was UBUNTU?!

  4. Tess: Your writing is just so beautiful; do I have ABBA to thank for that??? Seriously, it is so nice to express that joy, that passion, with others that feel the same. Strangely, the loss of my friend, and more recently as in last night, loss of a family member, is less painful due to my faith in God. I know that God is not a vengeful God; but rather, gives and knows when it is time to take. It isn’t on our schedule, that is for sure…..

    The interview really boosted me also, TBH. I just felt like it formalized all that lives within my mind, my heart and soul. It felt good to put it into one place all at once!

    And, the name of the game IS Ubuntu, for sure! Great lyrics, and so appropriate.

    I am SO glad you are back….. you sound refreshed!

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