Counting all the stars in the sky


Among other roles in this life, I am a girl scout leader for my daughter’s troop.  We try to plan activities each week for our meetings that will hold the interest of a dozen eleven and twelve year old girls.  Believe me, that isn’t easy.  But, we did an activity a few months ago that all of the girls seemed to enjoy.

It was called the Great Star Count.  What we had to do was to go outside during one of our evening meetings, and literally count the stars.  Seriously.  Then, based on longitude, latitude, and light pollution (street lights, buildings, etc) you determine how many are actually up there in your area.  It was a daunting task, but they were all over it.  We found constellations, we looked at the moon, and we speculated about how many more we would have been able to see if it weren’t for the lights from the nearby industrial park.  The girls counted hundreds that night, but in reality, there were thousands estimated to be above our heads.

We live out in the country, so it is not unusual for us to come home at night, and see the sky full of stars.  On more nights than I can remember, the three of us have stood in our backyard, looking in amazement up at the sky; wondering about planets far away; and overwhelmed by how clearly we can make out constellations.  We have even witnessed meteor showers and shooting stars, it is so dark at our house. 

It occurred to me, through that girl scout activity, and through my other experiences, that there are thousands of stars in the skies over our heads.  That they are always there.  But, there are many times that we cannot see them.  We cannot see them in the light of day.  On a cloudy night.  If we live in the city. 

But they are always there.

A close friend of mine points out that the stars in her night sky are all of those whom she loves; those that are closest to her and there for her when she needs them, even when she doesn’t.  They are constant and true. 

That is what family and friends are to me.  I have always loved to meet new people, and over the years, have met so many wonderful new friends.  As I connect with so many of them on Facebook, I realize just how many lives have intersected with mine over the years.  It amazes me.  They are all stars in my sky.  To count them is possible, but a daunting task, for there are many that are looking over me.

They are there, even when I cannot see them in the daylight; or if it is cloudy times; or if I am overwhelmed by the glare here on earth.  They are always overhead.

And, when I need them, and even when I don’t, I can make a wish upon them.  And they are there……….

To me, the stars in my sky are like infinity, never ending, and ever present……



10 thoughts on “Counting all the stars in the sky

  1. Nice, Vanessa…Nice! Thank you! The only memory I have of my daughter’s girl scout years was a family camp out… and all i take away from it to this day are bugs, mosquitoes. bumpy ground, and…well…you get the idea!!! Though, now that I think about it, I also remember my daughter’s delight that we did that …

  2. Stars and the Sun have a special meaning to me. When we were young, our whole lives, we spent our summers at my grandparents farm in Canada. At the end of summer, it was really hard for me to leave my grandma. She would say to me, “if you look up and see the sun, you know I’m looking at the same sun so it will be like we’re together.” She would say the same thing about the stars. We could look up and see the “big dipper” and know we could look at it at the same time and it would be like we were together. Obviously I’ve never forgotten that.

  3. Star gazing…nothing quite like it! My favorite place in the summer is down at our dock when no one else is there. Jason, Bailey and I will go out there and sit on the edge of the dock with our feet dangling in the water looking up at the bright stars. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to see a shooting star! I enjoy going by myself too, my time to think and wonder.
    Stars are like our loved ones. Even though we don’t always see them, they are there.
    Joy, that is absolutly a beautiful thing you had with your grandma. A great memory to keep forever for sure!
    You two are most definitly BRIGHT stars in my sky!

  4. You are ALL stars in my night sky, yet always there even when I can’t see you…….

    Joy, what a beautiful memory to have forever; I agree with Nikki on that one! Leah, you SHOULD have had such fun; it was a new activity this year and it is tougher than it sounds, to count stars!!

    Fibi: How are you? It is a comparison that makes total sense to me; that friend of mine (and my adopted sister) is SO smart……

    SF: I love you, sweets…….I always feel you with me!

    bojinx: Thanks you!!!

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