The inspiration of music


Besides being with those that I love the most, I think the source of inspiration that is most deep for me is music.  Some musical pieces, whether with words or not, touch my soul in such a deep place that it is hard to describe.  There is a spirit sense to what those songs say to me in my times of happiness, despair, loneliness, and connection.  Music can sometimes enable me to say what is in heart, when the words fail me.

There is a contemporary band that speaks to me in a way that no other band does, not since my favorite band.  My favorite band of all time is the Beatles.  Not just because they were fun to watch, and because of their possession of terrific melodies and harmonies, but the words.  The words that spoke so deeply to me, and for me, and struck a chord deeply in no other way.

Now, I have finally heard a new group that speaks to me  in the same way.  Coldplay.  It is hard to put into my own words how intensely they impact me with their harmonies, instrumentals, lyrics and voices.  They don’t speak of day to day events as much as they soul speak, enough said.

When I listen to them, I feel a lump growing in my throat.  It is hard to think, without swimming in the reality that they paint for me.  I get lost in them.  I get lost in their message.

To me, that is true music.  True inspiration.  True soul speak.



6 thoughts on “The inspiration of music

  1. You know, I’m not up on the bands and groups of “today.” I seem to like who I like and don’t really pay a whole lot of attention to a lot of the “in” ones but I’ve recently discovered Coldplay also. I really like this band. I’m like you and just like the way they sound together.

  2. Speed of Sound was the one that hooked me for Coldplay. I also love “Yellow” and pretty much anything that comes from them. Have you ever heard of Jason Mraz?? He’s another one that just makes me smile inside and out. Music can lift my mood with just one song if it’s the right one!

  3. Joy: I do so much work with young people that I get exposed by default to certain kinds of music, because in my car if I am not listening to a CD, I have NPR on, so I never listen to contemporary FM stations. I have found some great new music through my young friends, but Coldplay is like a gift from above; they are haunting, uplifting, and just beautiful and life affirming. Just like my beloved Beatles…..

    Hayden: What a great way to put it!

    Nikki: Viva La Vida has to be one of my favorites by them of all time; and they were so cool at the Grammys; I love the Scientist also…. I have heard of Jason Mraz but not listened besides the hits; I will have to try him out…..

    Another good one, Nik? Angels and Airwaves….. worth finding and listening to….

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