You are complete……….

How often is in our lives, that we feel like only part of who have yet to become.  That we feel like we are not yet complete, that we are missing part of ourselves.  That there are things missing; like we are someone how flawed and an unfinished work. 

I think that thinking is flawed thinking.

I don’t think that we are incomplete at all.  I think in each day, each moment of our existence, we are as complete as we are meant to be in that moment.  Where are feet are planted, where we are standing right now, right at this very moment, is where we are meant to be, and we are fully WHO we are meant to be as well.

I mean, think about it for a moment.  And, as you are thinking about it, try to think about it objectively and rationally.  Do you really believe that whatever tools or skills that you possess today, are half or a quarter of what you really need?  I mean, you are functioning right now today most likely as a student, or an employee.  You are a parent, a child, and a sibling.  You are a neighbor, a home owner, a taxpayer.  You put your kids on the bus, drive your car, listen to the problems of your family and friends.  And, in all of those roles, even when we don’t feel like we are fully present, we are able to fulfill those roles.  Maybe we don’t think we are doing the best job, but we are doing the job. 

On any given day, I truly believe that we are doing the best that we can, in the circumstances and life events that we find ourselves in.  We possess certain skills, knowledge, and life experience that allow us to make the most informed choices that we are able to in that moment.  In the next moment, we will have a bit more knowledge and information that will assist us.  Whether we feel open to our lives, open to the Universe that feeds us, or not, we gain information, even when we are not looking for it.

But, just imagine when we are actually open to our lives evolving.  When we welcome that information, that new knowledge, when those life lessons that come our way are an excitement for us, something that we look forward to?  Life is always going to come our way, and it is even going to bring things to us that are tragic, or disturbing or frightening.  Still, being open to whatever it is that life brings our way, makes what we gain from it in terms of new information almost limitless.

We are complete, right now on this day, as we are also evolving.  That which seems like a contradiction is actually a dance of cooperative energies:  we have all that we need in this moment in order to be present in the moment; and in addition, what we gain in that moment as knowledge of the universe helps us to evolve to whereever we are to go next.  As each sun sets and prepares for its new dawn, we are wiser, stronger, more learned about what what lies ahead. 

Even when we don’t know it.



17 thoughts on “You are complete……….

  1. I think your are right, here.
    Have you ever read Pied Beauty, by Gerard Manley Hopkins? It says a similar thing.
    Even Venus(the goddess, not the planet!) was depicted as having a slight squint because of the perception that perfection(even in the gods) was neither desirable nor achievable. If you reach perfection, where can you go from there? Downhill all the way!

  2. What a beautiful post. I know myself, I’ve lately been feeling incomplete and lost. I suppose this is a very normal feeling, but I think you’re right. . . We’re all doing the best we can. I hope someday that feels good enough to me. I know for myself, I need to focus on being present in the moment. I really enjoyed this post. . . Exactly what I needed to hear on this early Friday morning. 😀

  3. Viv: I have never read this, but am now curious and will check into it. I think that if we believe we have achieved all that we need to, what else is there, as you said? We are ever evolving I believe, ever learning and growing, even when we don’t see our growth…..

    We are as perfect as we can be, right now today for this circumstance.

    Leah: I am so glad that it was what you needed on this day, when you have been feeling discouraged. On some level, I think I know that when I write; that someone, somewhere who is reading it needs to hear it……. and that is what this is all about for me. Have a blessed day and a terrific Valentines and weekend!!! Peace, V.

  4. You know, you’re right! To be completely honest, I used to feel ashamed of myself. Incomplete, thinking I needed to do more with my life. I didn’t graduate high school, I don’t have a high paying job. My job doesn’t even require my brain most days. But what I’ve come to realize is it’s okay to be ME. I love my job and my life so why should I be ashamed of that. No, I don’t leave my house to go to work everyday but other’s do and leave they’re babies with me! How wonderful is that?? I get to teach and mold these little souls and that is more gratifying than any high paying career!! I am complete and this a great feeling! Wonderful post my dear V!!!!!

  5. Viv: Thanks, I will come by and check it out. I did write it down to look into it at home…..

    Thanks Deeps; I really do believe this. Why go on if we always believe in how inadequate we are, instead of how great we are, and just getting better?

  6. Vanessa, regarding “going on” when we believe ourselves to be inadequate, this is the battle faced by those with depression and other issues. I’ve often thought, “why bother” when I’m in the pits, and I have sometimes tried to “stop” because of it. In the end, I usually logic myself out of it, and pass the talking stick to my better self until I start listening to myself properly again. You know the phrase, “being beside onself” ? That’s rather often me!

  7. Wonderful, wonderful post. This suddenly reminds me of something I wrote a , long time ago when I was grieving. It was one sentence in a piece: “Life is like a school for the blind. Our purpose here is to learn to see.” That’s what I love about you Vanessa, you are so completely on that page with me!

  8. Viv: I have encountered so many people in this life, including the journey of myself, that battle with much of this internal struggle. Giving up, or feeling like they, or I, want to. So, the booster session is always needed by someone, and in learning more and more about myself, learning that I am good enough is one of the most profound lessons.

    I am glad that you have joined us here.

    Psychscribe: What a great thought, and so true! The more I see of myself, the better I learn to like it, and better than that, accept it. All aspects, and know that I am complete and whole and worthy. It is never ending, but I love the adventure! Have a peaceful day! Vanessa

  9. How true Vanessa. Earlier on when I was younger I was always feeling incomplete. But now I am happy to be who I am. I can feel the abundance around me growing and my appreciation for things around me growing too. I know I will keep on evolving but to understand that everything is perfect right now is a gift itself. Thank you for a wonderful reminder. Take Care.

  10. Shweta: You are so welcome; what I have, I share, that is just me. And, I think we can all use the reminder here and there, that we are perfect, just as we are in this moment. All is well…….

    Thank you for the visit….:)

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