The Wizard of Oz, the yellow brick road, munchkins, the Emerald City, Glinda, cyclones, and those Ruby Red slippers……

h1 I am reposting this entry of mine in honor of my friend who is battling WWW across the sea; my thoughts are with you, and read this to get your strength and resolve! 


Anyone reading love this movie as much as I do???? I see all of those hands in the air.  This movie, among a few select others,  are on my list of my favorites of all time.  This movie however, The Wizard of Oz, I think is my ultimate favorite, of all time.  I have to say, however, that I have had no realization of this until this very day, and it was prompted by a couple of different occurrences:  tornado warnings in my area, and a post by sanityfound about unique aspects of herself…….  Please, allow me to explain……


Yesterday, here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA, we had tornado watches. Now, that is not something that is common to us here, as it is in the midwestern states.  Lately, it seems that many states in the US that have not been prone to tornadoes or other severe weather are experiencing it.  And, besides the Wizard of Oz reference, I mean it as serious and frightening business.   Thankfully, we never had one touch down here yesterday, but I was watching and listening to the skies most of the afternoon.  I was trying to mentally prepare myself, and my family, to have our belongings or selves whisked away, or harmed in some way.  That was one of the events that brought this old time favorite movie to mind. 


The other, as previously stated, was this blog entry of my friend, sanityfound, entitled Things that make me interesting and unique.  Connection?  Her vivid and personal account of all things “she”, inspired me to think on my own unique and interesting ways.  And, with that came an epiphany of sorts, that The Wizard of Oz describes so much that is about who I am as a person, and today, the symbolism of many aspects of the film just hit me……..HARD.


Let’s start with the yellow brick road, the road to everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  Dorothy would be confused at times about which way on the yellow brick road was the right way, sometimes the roads all converged into one, sometimes they went through dark forests, or high cornfields.  In my life, there have been so many paths that I have taken, ones that have been yellow brick roads to my goal, my pursuit, my dream, or so I thought at least.  Some of the yellow brick roads that I have followed have been dead ends, some have gone through areas of great peril, others have been well lit and friends have come along the way with me.  But, every path was meaning, every brick in those roads was purposeful and meaningful, and I needed to gain full trust in myself that I knew, deep within, which way to go.  I ALWAYS trust my soul now, no question.


Munchkins.  Those characters in the movie are some of my most favorite.  Why?  They are filled with love, compassion, understanding, and above all, hope.  They hope and wait for their lives to get brighter, and they may get set back at times by the wicked witch, but she never keeps them down for long.  And, whomever crosses their path that needs help, they extend it willingly, graciously, and lovingly.  I am forever hopeful; I know that this world will get better, I know that there are good people out there, and when evil crosses my path, I do what I need to in order to survive, and then brush myself off, and get back up.  I am full of love, compassion, and understanding, and am a very warm, welcoming person, to all whom I meet.


The Emerald City!!!! The mecca of joy and wishes come true.  The place where everything is new and bright and sparkling, no one wants for anything, and we can always get a haircut or shine to look our best.  The roads that I travel all lead to this ultimate destination:  where we all want for nothing, that nothing stands in our way, that we take care of one another and fully embrace love and understanding.  Heaven?  Maybe.


Glinda is the ray of light, the hope that came to the Munchkins whenever they were facing adversity that they could not handle.  She would come in, floating in her bubble, just long enough to take care of the mess, then leave again so others could be self-sufficient.  I have enhanced my Glinda skills over the years.  For many years, I tried to be the solver, the fixer, the doer.  Now, I realize how that takes away the self-sufficiency and pride of those around me.  So, I do what I need to for offering initial support, and I let those birds fly with their own wings.  I gently, but lovingly, allow them to rescue themselves.  What a feeling of empowerment!  After all, that person is the expert in his or her own life, not ME. 


Cyclones and tornadoes.  Those storms of life that my beloved friend sanityfound speaks about so eloquently; they blow in, they blow out, they toss us from here to there, they sometimes turn our lives upside down, sometimes we feel damaged and broken.  But, the storms clear, the sun returns, and we are sometimes left in a place that is more colorful, and even magical, then Kansas was.  Lessons always to be learned.


The scarecrow, the tin man, the lion, and Toto.  All along the way, Dorothy encountered friends that were with her through thick and thin, good and bad, disappointment and joy, and in the end, most of them just sent her on her way to HER own bliss.  Friends are like that you know; sometimes, they are on our entire life’s journey with us, like Toto.  Sometimes, they come only for a short while, and do such magic that their impact is with us forever.  Whether the stay is brief, or life long, the impact that a true friend has on our lives is not able to be measured.


Last, but not least.  The Ruby Slippers.  The key to Dorothy getting home.  The magic that others like the Wicked Witch, so desperately want.  The magic that Glinda already understands.  The magic that the scarecrow, tin man and lion want to embrace for her, wish that they had realized sooner for her.  Dorothy had the magic, all of the time, right in her grasp.  This, my friends, at the risk of bursting into tears at my desk, is the key, the big enchilada, the whole reason that I believe that we are here on this big blue ball called Earth.  The deepest, most personal and intimate part of me, is that I only went through a few years of my life before realizing that I possess my own pair of ruby slippers, I have the complete power and control of what yellow brick road I choose, what friends will accompany me along the way, how to choose and hold onto my own bliss.  I am grateful to the Universe, that I listened to it speaking to me before too much time when by in my precious life. 


I have my ruby red slippers on my feet this very day, and like the magic in the movie, no one can take them off from me, they are mine, they are my bliss, and they are with me for the rest of my blessed life.


13 thoughts on “The Wizard of Oz, the yellow brick road, munchkins, the Emerald City, Glinda, cyclones, and those Ruby Red slippers……

  1. Gee Vanessa, each time I thought of a great response to you, you kept bring up another terrific view. Now I’m just sitting here thinking…..whoa….This is your best post ever.

  2. No words….Joy, you hit it dead on the nail! I come here each day looking forward to what you write….you literally knocked me off my feet with this one!

  3. Nikki: You both have made my day. The cool thing about this one, was that the ideas just came one right after another on the day that I wrote this; it just all clicked and made so much sense…… it seemed fitting to post it again. Sending a big Thank You hug!!!!!!

    Deeps: I am so glad you liked! It is my pleasure girl!!!!

  4. I’m with you, The Wizard of Oz is wisdom for the ages. I was blogging about getting my life together and wanted a pic of Glinda the Good. I found your post and got way more than a picture! I want to thank you for such a wonderful way of looking at the film and your life. It really touched me!

  5. Welcome, Tiny Dancer! How terrific, and what a great way to find your way here…… I hope that you will come to visit again soon. That movie, one of my all time favorites, connected so many life lessons for me, lessons I hadn’t previously realized. It was an epiphany, very significant in my life. I am glad that it served you in that way. Peace and blessings to you! Vanessa

  6. I am a student at Southern Middle school and I am working on Graphic Desgin for TSA. I need to use the picture of the yellow brick road with Emerald CIty in the background. Is it ok if I use it a possibly change it?
    Thanks! 🙂

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