Do good.

What is it that you offer to the world, to care for it, to nurture it?  What is it that the world needs from you?  In what way does the Universe call for you, and you answer?

What good do you do for others?  I mean, intentional good.  Think about it.  Make a list.

For one of the main reasons that we are here on this earth, and one of the three simple rules is to do good.  Give the good that you carry with you to the world.  There are so many souls out there in the world, lost and wandering, that need the gifts that you carry with you.  Why not share them?

To do no harm, and to do good, are two totally different concepts to me.  For to do good is an active choice; of thought, of heart, of action.  We donate to a charity.  We plant a tree.  We read to a group of children.  We volunteer our time.  We rescue abandoned animals. 

To do good is part of our responsibility in this world.  Because that is truly Ubuntu.  I am because you are.  That means that living my life alone is not enough.  I need to be willing to consider what others may need to get by, and what good I can do to help them along.

I am because you are.  Do good.  Always.


6 thoughts on “Do good.

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  2. So true…hug difference between doing no harm and doing good. You are right, doing good is an active conscious decision.
    What do I do good for this world? I take car of as many babies as I possibly can handle, I truly truly believe this is what I am here for. Teaching and loving children is my calling. I give them unconditional love, not just my own boy but every child in my life. My nieces, nephews, the kids I nanny for. They are MY world. I do no harm by them, that is not a act of conscious decision making, that just is. I do good by them, I LOVE them and need them as much as they need me. My husband once said to me this… “your job IS the most important job in the world, you have touched each child that comes in our door in a special way, and have hopefully helped mold them into wonderful successful adults. Maybe not those EXACT words, but that is what he was telling me. I used to second guess my choices as a stay at home mom and nanny. I no longer do….this is the good I do for the world. If I could give that gift to each and every person in this world…it would be a beautiful place…can you imagine V….no child hurting or left behind??

    *sigh* Hugs to you V and I hope your little angel is feeling better!!!

  3. Thanks Nikki; she is better, thanks, and off today for a snowtubing field trip!!!

    Your husband is absolutely right; it is the most important job in the world, being a parent. My partner stayed at home with Hannah for years, and even though the decision was not a voluntary one, it ended up being the best thing she could have done for Hannah. She had doubts and felt isolated along the way, but our daughter benefitted, for sure. And, that good that you give to them, it is like a miracle, for all children should know that they are cherished, loved and adored.

    And yes, I can imagine it, that is my hope, that is what keeps me going in this upside down world sometimes, HOPE, and also, knowing people like you that really make a difference. Thanks for that…..

    And a BIG hug back to you!!!

  4. Yes, for if we are not good to ourselves, we can really be of little good to others, and I also believe that to be bad to ourselves is to not respect the life that has been bestowed upon us; we are all beloved, even when we don’t believe it is so….

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