Stay in love with God.

The last of the three simple rules?  Stay in love with God.  Sound dramatic?  Sure it does, because having that kind of connection with God, with a higher power, is that intense.  It is pure love, pure joy and trust and belief.  There is nothing quite like that.

My love of God comes from many sources.  Being aware of my surroundings, every moment, in the wind, the sun, the trees speaking to me.  It comes in the miracle of children, watching them grow, learn, enjoying their lives.  It comes through the power of prayer, when I do it silently, or out loud with my church community, and how intimately close I feel to God when I pray. 

It comes in the silence, when I am deep in my thoughts and processing this journey of life that I am on.  It comes when I help or reach out to others. 

God and His presence in my life is beauty and light and hope and redemption and pure acceptance.  Even when I feel doubtful, even when I am struggling a bit with my faith, even when times seem dark or I feel alone, I know that God is with me.  I trust more and more every day in His purpose for me. 

I will always stay in love with God. 


7 thoughts on “Stay in love with God.

  1. I wish I could always stay in love with God. But very much in the way of the dark night of the soul written about by St John of the Cross, my beloved sometimes seems to vanish!
    I think we learn at times that what we think we know and love is actually our image of it, and not the “real” thing.

  2. Thanks for this post, Vanessa. I needed it. A loving relationship and connection takes two people. Now we know that GOD is doing it right…hmmm…what I have I been doing for the relationship?

  3. Viv: What I have come to continue to learn about God is that even when I feel forsaken, I have not been at all by God. He is always with me, even in my darkest moments, and even though I cannot always feel his presence, I have learned to trust that He never abandons me. And, he knows the breadth of my own strength more than I do myself.

    Psych: I like that idea, that the loving relationship takes two people: why shouldn’t that be for God as well? I know for myself, my struggles with God, or so I thought, have been struggles with the humans that try to make themselves so……..

  4. I believe in a greater being, not necessarily the God most of us think about. So I guess I am Gnostic. I hope someone can help me here.
    There is a saying I was heard and was told it came from an American Indian female, to paraphrase it went something like this.

    Your religion is written in ink on paper, easily washed away by the rain and blown away by the wind… My religion is the rain and the wind…

    I have kept this close and have always used it. Does anyone know who said it? I hope someone can help. Thank You Smokeybones

  5. Deeps: I absolutely believe that as well; and the thing is, I believe this to be the hardest of the three simple rules: it means trusting that God is watching out for us. Whether we sense Him or not, I believe He is always there…..

    Smokeybones: I love that saying; I had never heard it before, but it calls to my native heritage, and explains my difficulty much of the time with the man made part of religion; I connect with Jesus and the Great Spirit both, in a way that fills my soul, and really is about so much more than the written word; it is about the rain, and the wind, and the sun, moon and stars for sure….thanks for sharing that.

    Glen: Welcome! I also checked out your place, and it speaks to me and how I want to minimize our family’s carbon footprint. We will be stopping by again, for sure….glad you like it here, please come by again! Peace, V.

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