What is my blog inspiration?


Yesterday, I had the deep desire to write, all day.  As I puttered and did chores around our home, I thought of various topics I could write about.  I talked on the phone to a friend for hours about writing.  Yet, when I sat at my computer last night, I felt like I wasn’t feeling immediately inspired with a topic.  After having just said that day, that I don’t ever force myself to write when I am not feeling something to write on, I felt stuck and not really guided in any one direction.

Then, another friend advised me to write/blog about how I decide what to blog about.


So, here I am.  What actually guides me to write what I write on here, every day?  Where do those ideas come from?  How do I decide? 

When I first decided to blog, which is now almost two years ago, I did so because a friend of mine at a website I often visited was blogging, and talked about enjoying it.  He would write about topics that he felt passionate about, and others would read and comment.  It sounded like a good way to record my thoughts, and to connect with others.  I liked it, and set up my blog.  I wasn’t sure in the beginning what I would write on, and it seemed to be a journal, of sorts.  I have kept journals most of my adult life, so this seemed like a natural transition to me, except that there was the potential for literally the whole world to read my thoughts.  Even with that, I visited and contributed to the blog once every few weeks.  I even kind of forgot about it for awhile.

Then, a year ago, I was on my blog, and started getting visits from a friend in South Africa.  She encouraged my writing, felt inspired by my words, and challenged me to write every day, to really tap into what was really the inspiration.  For one week, she said, write, about anything that you feel compelled to write about. 

That opened the gates to what is now my wealth of ideas and inspiration.  What I write about is genuinely a journey, a weekly, daily, moment by moment journey of my heart and soul.  I stay quiet and calm in my thoughts, and usually write about what ever comes to me as important, or a lesson for the day, or an idea that seems to be prevalent for me.  I carry a small notebook with me in my purse that is handy for when the ideas come at times that I cannot write but can reflect on later.  Once the idea is occurring to me, it does not develop fully until I am at the keyboard and creating.  I let my fingers do the creating as I go along, letting my thoughts flow freely and words to come. 

When I try to force that process, and write without an idea in mind, I often feel stuck and stifled, for the flow seems to be damned up.  There are few days that I notice this, but when it does occur, I listen.  It may mean that I need to spend more time in the real world with my family, or that I need to rest my body, or focus my attention elsewhere in worthwhile ways.  It is always a message that I heed.


Last night, long before I had to get up, after having felt blocked earlier with what to write about, I awoke and had an idea of what comes to mind when I think on what inspires my writing and blogging.  A labyrinth.  Until yesterday, I thought that a maze and a labyrinth were the same thing.  Not so.   Walking a labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice, a way of connecting our journey with the sacred journey.  It is different than a maze, which has various dead ends and confusing paths intentionally, in that it has but one path, which leads to the center.


My blogging is simply a reflection on my journey to self, journey to my soul, my center.  I am walking my spiritual labyrinth, and bringing all of those that read me along for the journey.  I don’t always know where the labyrinth  will take me, but I always trust and know that the ultimate destination is to full realization of self, and that is a comfort, joy, and total peace. 


Thank you all for reading…….




12 thoughts on “What is my blog inspiration?

  1. Hey Van…and I m just as glad that you are blogging and thanks to all those friends of yours who made you blog..or else how else we would have met 🙂 Cheers!!! Keep Blogging!

  2. Fibi: Thank you! And, I am equally as grateful that you have found your way here…… I find it extremely powerful and moving to know that those that read find meaning, comfort and connection in what I write. It rocks my world!!!

    Hayden: I agree!!! Thank you for helping me on the path to rocking my purpose…… 😀

    Theresa: To see your name here among my readers/friends is just so cool! I am SOOOO happy to have reconnected and to be like minded in some ways. Yes, the imagery is literally what woke me up in the night, then the rest is some stream of consciousness that I have awakened to with my writing. I am grateful to have you here!!!

    Viv: Thank you so much; I am so glad that it touched you……. have a blessed day! V.

  3. I’m having a day where anxiety is winning but I shall comment a little.
    For me, my inspiration to write came from the raging torrent of ideas that made it too painful not to. But since then, I have become sunk in despair that the words I have written have no wider meaning, no fulfillment beyond the writing of them and knowing them to be worth more than the outpourings of an almost middleaged nobody like me. And so the stories have stopped; freezeframed, they still wait, and yet I cannot remember which button was “play” and I don’t know if I can bear to press, “play” again and know that virtually no one would ever “watch” them.
    I began blogging almost by accident, and from working with a joint blog, I realised I needed a forum where even if no one else ever heard my words, I might hear them and so too might the cosmos.
    I love the labyrinth pic, by the way; I also love the whole labyrinth concept. Next time I am there, i shall take some pics of the Golden Jubilee Labrynth at Norwich Cathedral and post them on my blog!
    V(the other one!)

  4. Viv: I hope that you will have more days that not in the near future, when you will not minimize the impact that your writing has. It calls to others who come back and read, and it shows a part of your self that is willing to share your deepest parts with other humans, in order to connect. That is a special gift indeed.

    Amber: Thanks, I am grateful for it every day!!! And, so glad to have made many friends, as you are to me……. mwah!

  5. You know I do that too. I have many things I’d like to write about but when I sit down it just doesn’t fall onto the page the way I had envisioned so to speak.
    I truly feel each and every post you write goes right into my heart. Sound corny?? I don’t care, it’s the truth. Every word comes straight from your heart and I love that. I feel like I know you, I mean not just as “blogging friends.” I think what you do is special and don’t ever stop please.

  6. No chance of that! I will be doing this for as long as my fingers can write on a page, or a laptop. It really is my passion, my soul fire, my true voice. It reminds me of one of my favorite lines of one of my favorite movies, “Field of Dreams”: “If you build it, he (or in this case, they!) will come.”

    I am so glad to have “built” this, and so glad that you found it. You were meant to find it, and me to find you. You warm my heart so much, and to know that my reality, simply, has helped you is beyond amazing……. 🙂

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