The end.

Yesterday, when reading a post by Tiny dancer, she quoted one of my favorite tunes by the Beatles.  In case you don’t know already, the Beatles are my most favorite band OF ALL TIME.  Sure, there is other good music since they were current, there are other good, great forms of music out there.  But to me, they were the pinnacle, they evolved and grew and experimented, and the results for me, were always pure MAGIC.


The lyrics that she recited in her post yesterday were to the song, “The End”, which is the final song on the Beatles’ final album as a group, Abbey Road.  The full lyrics of the song are the following:

And in The End

The love you take

is equal to the love

you make.


What more true words could be spoken?

This, my friends, IS Ubuntu.  I am because you are.  What I give is what I receive.  That which I offer is then offered to me.  When I do for others, so shall others do for me.

And, as is usual for me, it is all about the love.  Love is the purest form of expression, yet there are so many persons that are afraid of it.  Afraid to give it.  Afraid to get it.  Afraid to get hurt in the process.  Afraid because they have been hurt badly in the past, in the name of love. 

I believe that all humans have the full capacity to love completely.  Have you ever looked deeply into a baby’s eyes?  That is pure love.  The connection between a parent and a child is a pure love that cannot be measured.  We all, at one time or another, have the capacity for that.  And when I say all of us, I do mean, ALL of us. 

Then, something happens to damage that ability, that freeness of love coming and going from us as the vessel, as the lightning rod for it.  We are abused.  We are abandoned.  We see what the world does to itself in the name of power or wealth or greed.  We become jaded.  We become nonbelievers of sorts.  Nonbelievers in love.

That saddens me beyond measure.  I want you all to be believers again.  Believers in love in its purest form.  And, you are not receiving this from a person who has never been hurt in the name of love.  The hurt has been real and deep and true.  But, I never give up.  I am one of those people that if represented by a toy, I would probably be one of those rolly punching bag characters, who get pounded down, and bounces right back up.  Sometimes, when it is a bit deflated, it takes it a few more seconds to come back up.  But it always does.

That is me.  I will never, ever, EVER give up on love.  Love will always be for me.  Love perseveres and conquers and wins over all.  Love keeps hope alive in the world.  The Beatles sing about love in so many of their songs. 


The love you take is equal to the love you make.  Ubuntu.  Never give up, my beloved friends.  Ever.



17 thoughts on “The end.

  1. I used to live within sight of THE Penny Lane. My mum used to go to the Cavern club, but just before the Beatles; my dad went to the same school as Lennon and McCartney(but he’s older so didn’t coincide).
    My time in Liverpool coincided with Frankie Goes to Hoolywood’s wake, though. I did sail the Ferry Cross the Mersey a few times though.

  2. Joy: You have such great taste!!!!

    Viv: I am fascinated by London area to begin with, but to know that you have lived so close to where they walked; that is powerful to me. And, who knew, not me, that there was an actual Ferry Cross the Mersey!!!

    Hayden: ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Ah Penny Lane was the Liverpool road where John Lennon’s granny lived. The sign had been stolen so often by tourists that the council gave up replacing it and simply painted a sign on the wall. My room in the halls of residence looked out almost onto it; if you leaned out of the window you could see the opening of Penny Lane. My dad used the Mersey Ferry almost every day to get to work; I took my husband for a ride on it when we were first engaged. Liverpool was teeming with wannabe musicians and bands could be heard practising on every street in the 80s; I roadied for one doing lights and sound. It has marked me for life! I really hate live music now, and dislike most of the associated hype.
    I’ve never been to Abbey Road, in London though.

  4. Maybe it’s my age but I have never been a FAN of The Beatles. That’s not to say I don’t like their music I just wouldn’t consider them on my top list ya know. This song, Tiny Dancer, does remind me of Tony Danza, I always thought that’s what it sounded like!!! I do LOVE that song Penny Lane….The Beatles remind me of Jason’s real father, even though I never met him.

  5. Viv: you know, I didn’t know the lore of Penny Lane, and was getting it all jumbled with, BIG DUH, Vanessa, I KNOW what Abbey Road is….. I am such a space sometimes!!!! And history as a roadie, hmmmm? I am sure very eye opening in many ways!!!!

    Nikki: Yeah, I am not fully contemporary, but enough to have been a child when they were on top of the world in the sixties. They had a relatively short run as a group, but knew when it was time to say goodbye. As I just posted on FB, my all time favorite one besides The End, is Hey Jude. Beautiful song!

  6. Hey no worries!
    My family originally came from Liverpool and I went back there by chance to do my degree at the university there.
    the roadie stuff is something I seldom think about; I was dating a drummer at the time and had to just fit in. I did a tour as well as the whole gig thing, helped write one or two songs, and then left when the guy and I split up. I don’t remember it with any fondness; hard work, rotten food, long hours and little thanks supporting people with massive egos. My fondest memory was of a family I stayed with when we toured the Isle of Man; the lady of the house put an electric blanket on my bed so when I came in at 3am, my bed was warm. It was wonderful!

  7. What a lovely post, Vanessa. So glad my post inspired you! Love may not be all you need, but try to live without it and whew, you see how important it is! I love the music of the 60’s. I think of it as the soundtrack of an amazing time.

  8. Viv: Wow, what an experience, even if not remembered with fondness; it is part of what has made you who you are……

    Tiny Dancer: Thank you; I agree with it not being ALL we need, but essential, indeed! Glad that you inspired me, and glad to have you around……

    Fibi: Love is the root of all; without it, nothing else really matters……

  9. Sorry Viv: I feel like I should know the name, but cannot place it….. another clue?

    Cordie: I am sending you the warmest, most loving of hugs. I am glad you got what you needed here……Hang in there, my friend. V.

  10. David Wilkerson and The Cross and the Switchblade? Nicky Cruz was the gang leader of the Mau Muas; his autobiography was Run Baby Run.
    I guess it’s a long time ago, and if you’ve not been around the branch of churches, it won’t mean much. It doesn’t to me any more.

  11. Never been a beatles fan…however I am def a fan of the below 🙂

    This, my friends, IS Ubuntu. I am because you are. What I give is what I receive. That which I offer is then offered to me. When I do for others, so shall others do for me.

    Cheers Van!

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