Where’s your hope? Where’s your change?

Yesterday, I went to our local Girl Scout house after work to pick up some more Girl Scout cookies.  The building has other offices in it, so there was a great deal of activity going on while I was there.  I had persons offer to hold the door for me as I pushed my cartful of cookie cases out to the car.  So, when I was going back into the building, to return my cart, I had a man offer to hold the door open once again.  I was wearing my favorite dress wool coat, and on it, loud and proud, is my President Obama button, 44th President of the United States.

As this man held the door for me, he spotted my button.  He said “If I had seen your button,  I wouldn’t have held the door for you”, smiling all the while.  Then, he told me he was kidding, and then proceeded to ask me, “Where’s your hope?  Where’s your change?” 

At first, I was shocked, shocked that someone would state that so boldly, all the while with a smile on his face, like it was a welcome challenge.  This lasted about two seconds in real time, but it felt longer.  I just smiled a big smile back, and stated firmly, “It’s coming…..”. 

As if hope and change can be epitomized by one human being.  As if hope and change are sound bytes instead of representations of what is yet to be achieved.  As if hope and change is less about each of us as Americans and human beings, but rather about opposing political parties. 

The hope and change for the future, for every moment that comes next, for every tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that, doesn’t live in our President, any more than it lives in each of us.  One of the most amazing things about our new Leader to me, is that he is a good role model for hope, for change, and that he lets all of us know, that it is not up to him to bring it about.  It is about ALL OF US.

I carry my hope and change with me all of the time.  Hope for a bright future for our daughter.  Changes of equality and fairness and human compassion.  Hope for peace and an end to poverty and violence.  As I conduct myself in my daily life, so do I carry on these principles and others:  Love.  Faith.  Compassion. 


Our President has Ubuntu in my opinion.  He genuinely cares, and he wants to help us all to help ourselves.  A hand up, not a hand out.  He wants to have us do the work, do the sacrificing, do the gaining when things are improving again.  He is showing us, through his hopeful attitude, that change is possible.  He is reminding all of us what we already know:  that all things are possible, and that we need to be shown at times, that with faith, love, and compassion, we can do just about anything if we work together.

Where is my hope and change you ask?  Inside of me, and every one of us.

It is so time to put that button on a spring coat…….


11 thoughts on “Where’s your hope? Where’s your change?

  1. Hey V, I wanted you to know I read this and I’m so sorry this happened. I will write more..for now I have 3 kids I have to chase after!! **HUGS** love you my friend!!

  2. Nikki: Thanks girl; what is so interesting for me, in terms of how I have grown as a person, is that it didn’t even shake me; I feel so much more confident in who I am and what I stand for, that detractors can try all they want: I WILL NOT BE MOVED…… Love you too!!!

    jones: Hey you! What a nice surprise; it is a pleasure and an honor knowing you…. come back anytime, my friend….

  3. You said it, Hayden. And, so full of a sense of all knowing; it just showed in his demeanor and his face. I still get amazed at what opposing views do to a person, or what entitlements that they believe that they have for their behavior. It is simply amazing. That is why I try to be the bigger person, and feel much more confident in myself than to have to stoop to that kind of level.

    It will not move me!!! 😀

  4. As far as I as an outsider to the US can see, Mr Obama has his heart and his mind in the right places but he cannot wave a magic wand and solve problems that go right back to previous administrations any more than he can turn back time. Just as problems of the scale faced by the US right now took time to create, they will by neccessity take even longer to solve and it’s blatantly unfair(not to mention frankly stupid) to expect instant results.
    On a personal level, I like his smile. It doesn’t remind me of a crocodile, the way so many presidents have…

  5. Deeps: You are so right, inside each of us. We have the power AND the responsibility to each make the changes…..

    Viv: You are so on target there; I knew that he would be scrutinized by so many that were doubters whether or not he was the right person; whether he did well or poorly. And, not that he really can “do” anything much at all, except guide the rest of us, and represent us to the world. His smile to me is very human, genuine, and I can just tell that he means what he says……

  6. I watched him painting a drop-in centre for drug addicts around the time of his inauguration and I was impressed by how long he spent actually painting(not just a photo opportunity) and seeming to enjoy it too.
    Of course, only time will tell of his real worth, but that’s like all of us.

  7. OMG..I’m so sorry V!! My mind has been clouded lately! I think you are a beautiful person inside and out and I only hope that each person you touch in any way walks away with some sort of knowledge. Knowledge of acceptance and love. Whether you agree politically or not, there just is no reason to squash the hope of others. Stand strong and proud as always sister!

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