The in betweens.

There is a space between seasons that I have found a new name for:  The in betweens.  It is that period of time, whether it be days or weeks, that are in between the full onset of the new season.  Right now, we are in between the winter and the spring.  When the snow is all about melted, and the days are a bit warmer, and the days are getting longer.  There is less of a need to put on several layers of clothing just to go to your car; and you can walk outside without boots.  In between.

It has been a long winter, it seems like forever.  Even though we adjust to the cold, the inclement weather, we are grateful when we don’t have to endure a chill no matter how warmly we are dressed, when we can anticipate feeling the sunshine on our bare skin again.  The new buds of life.  Grass growing.  Open windows.  Barbecues.

The in betweens of seasons are not much different than any in betweens of life.  Transitions.  Going from one phase, or one aspect of life to the next.  The in between time is a combination of endings and anticipation.  The time prior is ending, the new time is beginning.  There may be sadness or disappointment at endings, and excitement at new beginnings.  It can sometimes seem so overwhelming and confusing.  I think that is why in betweens are so important.  It is almost like a time of preparation.  Preparing to let go of the old and embrace the new.  It is the “trying on” time.  In between. 

We all are entitled to these times, when transition enters our lives.  And, doesn’t transition ALWAYS enter our lives?  It doesn’t mean that it is a welcome guest; but it does come, and it is present in all of our lives.  I think as humans we are always transitioning from one type of phase or life event to another.  From single to married.  From nonparent to parent.  From career person to unemployed.  From worker to retired.  Or sometimes, not so formalized.  From a vital friendship to one that has drifted from us.  From a person focused on having more, to one managing with less.  To a person that has had hope to one that has become hopeless.  To a person with little faith to one who has embraced it more fully.

Life is full of these transitions, these in between times when we are not yet without what has been, but are on the threshold of what is to come next.  There is not doubt that we have to step into the next, and we cannot make ourselves embrace it, but the change will come.  A friend of mine once educated me in the fact that in every moment, every day, we are changing.  There is change happening in our lives.  With every piece of information that we take in, it influences us in ways for good and for naught, and it changes us.  It changes the course of our lives.  We have countless in betweens, seasonally and not.

I think that standing on that threshold should be embraced not only as a transition, but an opportunity for new adventures, new knowledge, and maintaining the mystery and appreciating the beauty that is both behind and ahead of us. 

Embrace those in betweens, and find the joy in them!  And, by the way, Welcome, incoming Spring!!!!


5 thoughts on “The in betweens.

  1. Welcome to my world of living between the cracks in the pavement of reality!
    Seriously though, it is a very odd place/time to be in because everything is in flux.

  2. Deeps, you are so right!

    Viv: That is so true, that there is constant flux in these in betweens. When I started writing it, the in betweens of seasons was the inspiration, but I realized all of the inbetweens I experience, most of the time of my life, actually!

  3. What I find the most hilarious is when we are in transition, in the in-betweens, and don’t even know it. Certain transition stages get attention (like graduating from high school or getting married) and so we recognize their nature.

    But what about when we wake up one day and suddenly realize that we fell in love? It’s not like someone flipped a switch – BAM, you’re in love now. There was a transition period. I think those can be magical. 🙂

  4. WOW, Hayden, I wasn’t even thinking about those, but it is so true! There can be a suddenness that we just don’t, or can’t, anticipate that sends us reeling into a transition. I LOVE the falling in love example!!!!!

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