4 AM


My body and mind have this new behavior.  It is called, wake up every day at 4 AM, EST.  Now, only a little over a week ago, that would mean 3AM here.  I am not sure what is up, but this morning I got so sick of just lying in the bed that I got up and had my coffee. 

The wild and exciting part of that time of the morning, if there can be such a thing, is that my head is just FILLED with ideas.  Not stressors, or thinks that are worrying me, which is why even though I am tired, I haven’t seemed to mind it much.  It is as if my brain cannot wait to start the day.  From ideas for my girl scout troop for activities, to how I am going to organize my Equal Marriage group from the candlelight vigil; to things that I want to write about, the brain is on major overdrive. 

I am a human alarm clock, so the fact that I wake myself up with an active brain doesn’t really surprise me; I have been able to wake myself up, down to the minute, without an alarm clock, for most of my life.  But, I am thinking that there has to be something about that time of the day/night/morning that is calling to me.  Maybe because of what time that means it is in another part of the world.  Maybe because of my totem animal of the wolf.  Maybe because a change of season is upon us.

Whatever the reason, as long as I can get through the fatigue, I am embracing the opportunity for exploring what messages are in it for me.

Too deep?  Not for me………..


11 thoughts on “4 AM

  1. This makes me think of the old Cat Stevens song, Morning has broken. I bet you know the words!
    I am not a morning person but would like to be but my body clock doesn’t!

  2. I do the same exact thing 🙂 Also, as you say, I think there is something to be said for the change of season upon us. My creative juices have never been so busy – i’m on major overdrive and I love it!

  3. Viv: I absolutely adore Cat Stevens, or now what ever his Buddhist name is; a tremendous musician, was listening and loving him at eight and nine years old….. I am definitely a morning person, but even earlier morning lately!!!

    Psych: I really do think it is about the season change; spring has sprung, and my mind is on overdrive!!! I love it!!! Did not take either photo, but thought they were both pretty representative of where I was at a few hours ago…… Have a great day!!!

  4. and I havent been able to sleep here before and all the ideas I get for blogging when I am in the shower and dont have anything to pen down and the minute I am out..I forget everything! Alas! 😛

  5. I think his name is now Yussuf and I think he converted to Isam, but I could be wrong.
    I sang Morning has Broken once aged about six or so to the assembled guests of a hotel in Wales, while they were waiting for the real recital (by a pair who resembled Hinge and Bracket, the spoof singers, but were real!) We used to sing it at school assembly in the morning and it was many years before I understood it wasn’t a REAL hymn at all but a “pop” song.
    Me, I move by moonlight and starlight best; the bright light of day always seems too unkind to me!

  6. I’ve been having the opposite problem. Since we changed our clocks, I’m sleeping way to late and it’s changed a big part of how my day begins. I had to set an alarm clock the other night just to wake up an hour earlier. I’m not sure how you can do this with a job and family. It must be tough losing that much sleep. Hopefully it won’t last that much longer.

  7. Deeps: You need pen and paper right by your shower, so you can poke out your head and write down your grand ideas!!!!!

    Viv: We sing it a lot in church; I was actually pleasantly surprised to find it in the Methodist hymnal when we joined a few years ago. Great tune! And, you are right, it is Islam, I believe….

    Joy: I am a person who can usually function on just a few hours, but am finding that even though I am wide awake in the AM, by the afternoon, like NOW, I am dragging, and am thinking about my bed from the time that I get home from work!!! I hope it breaks soon, but if it is hormone related, it could be quite awhile yet…..

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